Career Development Workshops & Courses For Undergraduate Students

We offer career orientation courses at the undergraduate level. In our courses, we are focused on combining knowledge about the job market with self-discovery exercises.

We are practical, goal-oriented, and we always take an individual approach to our course participants. We conduct aptitude tests, exercises and homework prepared by Ontology of Value® that help our students to determine which future career path is best for them.

Career orientation for undergraduate students differs from the career orientation on the graduate level: since most undergraduate students don’t have any major working experience just yet, they have less knowledge about themselves. Therefore, in the undergraduate courses, we put even more focus on self-discovery than in the courses that we offer for graduates.

The material in the course is always customized to the target group of students, e.g., international students, students of Electrical Engineering, students of the humanities, etc. We always adjust the agenda of the course to the schedule preferred by the client. The prices are customized and depend on the group size.

Please find the tentative Agenda & Syllabus below.

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