Top 23 Careers For Introvert Persons.

Updated on December 8th, 2023

June 26th 2022

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Can Being an Introvert Be an Asset? Best Jobs For Introverts Hide in Plain Sight.

Are you an introvert looking for a way to make a living in a cosy and friendly community? You are not the only one! According to the study by Myers-Briggs, 8 different types of introverts make up for about 50% of the whole population.

Introverted people have a lot to consider before choosing their first white-collar positions. They may miss out on demanding positions in high tech due to their personal needs when it comes to the professional workplace, or, “territory.”

Finding a perfect position as an introvert is a delicate subject matter. The Internet made life easier than ever before for introverts. Today, you don’t need to be physically surrounded by people to be a vital member of your work environment. Yet still, in most working environments, being visible and outspoken is highly valued.

So, does your introversion give you a competitive advantage in the job market, and what are the best jobs for introverts? Well, as it turns out, there are many spots in the job market, where you will not only feel comfortable as an introvert, but even use your personality type to your advantage. In this article, we list of dozens of professional positions in the job market and business ideas that are ideal for introverts.

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Where Does the Term “Introvert” Come From?

The term “introvert” was originally created by the famous Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung as a psychological construct. However, today, the term “introvert” is used in a variety of contexts and in casual, informal ways.

According to William McDougall, the author of the book “The Energies of Men: A Study of the Fundamentals of Dynamic Psychology,” who studied Jung’s work on introversion in detail, ”the introverts are those in whom reflective thought inhibits and postpones action and expression: the extroverts are those in whom the energies liberated upon the stirring of any propensity flow out freely in outward action and expression.”

Today, the consensus is that introversion is one of the central traits of human personality. The two standard personality models, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Big Five model, both include “extraversion versus introversion” as one of the core dimensions of personality assessment. As such, introversion is believed to have a profound impact on all areas of professional and social life.

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How To Consider Yourself An Introvert?

Before talking about the best jobs for introverts, let’s first talk about how to recognize an introvert. There are a number of signs observable in common situations in daily life that might indicate your introverted nature. Let’s list them below: 

1. You feel comfortable being alone.

You could be alone for days, or even weeks, without losing energy and a good mood. This is the most obvious sign of being an introvert. 

As opposed to introverts, extroverted persons need the presence of other people and interact with others to keep their energy levels high. So, if you can handle yourself without other people’s input, it is a clear sign that you are an introvert.

2. You enjoy individual projects at work.

Although you can work in a team, you highly enjoy the freedom and reading feel that planning and executing your own projects gives you. You don’t feel anxiety about working alone, but rather, a blissful feeling of staying in control of the project instead.

3. You prefer writing over talking at work.

If you have a tendency for texting instead of calling people, it might be a sign that you are an introvert. Introverted people don’t ignite interactions without necessity, so they choose an open discussion at work when there is no time left for texting.

4. You are reflective and self-aware.

Introverted people spend an extensive amount of time on self-reflection, defining their core values and standards, and planning their future. 

When asked questions such as “What is important for you in life?”, they don’t need to search for the answers as they already know what to say. So, if you have well-defined values and goals, and update them on a regular basis, it is a good sign that you are an introvert.

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4. You are reflective and self-aware.

Introverted people spend an extensive amount of time on self-reflection, defining their core values and standards, and planning their future.

When asked questions such as “What is important for you in life?”, they don’t need to search for the answers as they already know what to say. So, if you have well-defined values and goals, and update them on a regular basis, it is a good sign that you are an introvert.

5. You need silence to concentrate.

Working in busy places such as cowering spaces or cafes is not optimal for you as noises of chatter around you are tiresome for you. You highly prefer working in a cosy place away from people — either in complete silence or with your favorite music on your headphones.

6. After spending some time in a crowd, you need to detach from people and relax.

Every time you come back from a busy meetup or a conference, you need to chill and go with some relaxing activity — such as a visit to a sauna, a walk in a park, or watching a movie on your own — before you gear up and come back to work.

7. You daydream A LOT.

Introverts spend a lot of time considering alternative scenarios before making any important decisions — or, just because they enjoy daydreaming! If you are a person who can walk around your room for hours and imagine the future possibilities in your work- and social life and gets a lot of joy out of it, you are probably an introvert.

8. You prefer to develop a few close friendships over holding multiple casual friendships.

Introverts are into quality not quantity when it comes to building relations with people. They have a clear preference for vertical rather than horizontal networking.

Namely, they prefer to choose a few people dear to them and stay around for a lifetime rather than creating a massive number of casual contacts via social media and thousands of events. So, if you are a person who chooses to maintain and nourish a few friendships over a lifetime, you might be an introvert!

You may think I am small, but I have a universe inside my head. — Yoko Ono

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23 Careers for Introvert Personalities: How To Monetize On Your Introverted Nature?

We are used to the picture of extravert people taking over traditional and social media, and making spectacular careers. Extraversion is promoted in the education process, where being vocal, presenting and performing in front of other kids is typically seen by the teachers as a sign of talent and dedication. Can introversion have any positives at all?

It seems so! Many athletes, celebrities, and business leaders functioning in the public space as household names reported themselves as introverts who, due to careful self-development, somewhat achieved worldwide fame, despite their delicate and shy nature — including Warren Buffett, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Johnny Depp, Chris Evans, Keanu Reeves, J. K. Rowling, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg, or Chris Do.

Being an introvert is associated with a number of competencies crucial for success in professional life. Introverts are self-aware and know their natural capabilities and limitations. Therefore, they make well-informed decisions while picking positions, tasks, and people to work with. 

They can also focus and indulge in a highly productive deep-work mode with a feeling of joy and internal peace. No wonder so many introverts get extremely successful in life!

However, choosing the right career path is a crucial factor in your lifelong professional development as an introvert. In this article, we are listing the 23 top positions that best suit the nature and natural abilities of introverts, and that you can choose as an introvert without disturbing your mental health.


1. Actuary:

Dealing with numbers rather than people is a good route for introverts to make a living in a cosy atmosphere. A career as an actuary could be ideal if you have a passion for numbers. This profession involves the evaluation of the risk and probability of various scenarios to play out.

Actuaries typically work for insurance companies or public institutions — in policy-making, asset management, and liability management. At work, they use a broad range of tools, from computer science, statistics, and predictive models, through business intelligence, to financial and economic models.

An actuary is a responsible role to play, not only because of the money at stake but also because of human lives at risk. For this reason, in most countries, every candidate for an actuary needs to complete a long professional training and pass a demanding, rigorous public exam in statistics and risk assessment. However, salaries reflect that level of difficulty — an actuary is one of the best-paid white-collar jobs on the market!

Average Salary: $173,988 per year

Source: Glassdoor

2. Accountant:

Introverts succeed well in counting jobs because numerous of them need nearly no commerce with those around them. For the utmost, introverts’ account professions do not need crucial social engagement. Working with guests and presenting results to operations via reports, emails, and e-meetings is the extent of commerce.

Average Salary: $91,226 per year

Source: Glassdoor

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3. Research Scientist:

Research scientists perform trials and tests in labs on behalf of the government, R&D departments in the private sector, and academic facilities.

Research scientists work in almost nearly every field of science, including biology, geomatics, climatology, and medical sciences. In most circumstances, a BS or MS degree are expected to start working as a research scientist, but this is not a rule.

Science is all about diligence, following academic scrutiny, and dedication to the subject matter. If you are a person who is structured, disciplined, good with numbers and enjoys experimenting in one particular area of human knowledge, this might be an ideal choice for you. Typically, you need a university degree in one of the relevant natural sciences to start working as a research scientist.

Average Salary: $122,861 per year

Source: Glassdoor

4. Data Scientist:

Data scientists are some of the most sought professionals in the whole IT industry at the moment. Data scientists solve complex problems in business and science using statistics and mathematical modeling. 

As of today, data science is a highly specialized discipline in the job market: as the name of the profession suggests it not only requires analytic skills but also a deep understanding of a particular class of datasets.

Data science is currently a fast-developing branch of the IT industry — new algorithms and trends pop up literally every week. Therefore, work in data science is typically fast-paced and requires a high degree of patience and the ability to adapt, keep on learning, and work with various datasets. However, due to the focused, individual projects and rather cosy work environment, it is still one of the best careers for introverts.

This job gives high flexibility as most data science jobs are remote. Moreover, unlike research scientist jobs, data science jobs usually don’t require a university diploma at the start. You can find thousands of quality online courses that will teach you all you need to know to land your first job as a data scientist.

Please find more information on how to start a career in data science in our article “5 Steps To Build a Career in Data Science and Land Top Data Science Jobs in 2021-2022.”

Average Salary: $117,611 per year

Source: Glassdoor

5. Software Test Engineer:

A software test engineer is another attractive career option in the job market for introverts who are also techies. Software test engineers evaluate software systems by designing and implementing testing techniques and making recommendations for further improvements.

This is an important role to play, as more often than not, bugs in the software and inefficiencies are easier to notice for the objective outsider than for the engaged team. This profession often offers flexibility and opportunities for working remotely from home and for multiple teams at a time.

Average Salary: $103,572 per year

Source: Glassdoor

6. Astronomer:

One of the high-paying occupations perfect for introverted individuals is an astronomer. In general, astronomers study celestial bodies such as stars, planets, and galaxies. They also gather statistical data to make forecasts and conduct research.

It’s a perfect choice for introverts because astronomers use to work with a small team of engineers and scientists and spend a lot of time alone conducting their studies. 

The scientific community around astronomy is relatively small and cosy and meets a few times a year at dedicated conferences. However, you need to take into account that a PhD degree in Physics or Astronomy is usually required to work as an astronomer.

Average Salary: $128,160 per year

Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics

7. Trader / Broker:

Trading literally means “executing trades” and can involve all kinds of assets: equities, bonds, (crypto)currencies, commodities, and digital assets. Traders can work on their own accounts as freelancers, or get employed and work for investment banks. In general, the job of a trader is highly dynamic, and maybe be stressful, especially in a recession.

However, if you enjoy speculation, working with numbers and software rather than people, and jobs in which your success is easy to quantify, this might be a perfect choice for you!

Average Salary: $97,625 per year

Source: ZipRecruiter

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8. Psychologist / Therapist / Coach:

Introverts are rational, introspective, self-aware, empathic, and focused on building deep relations. This often makes them good candidates to become psychologists. The profession of a psychologist entails examining one’s thoughts, actions, and feelings, and searching for their causes and actionable points for future improvement.

Psychologists and therapists use observation, experimentation, and a variety of psychometric assessment methods to help people with chronically low mood and emotional disorders get better.

While interaction with the patient is required, this is an excellent vocation for introverts because it allows you to have intimate, low-paced, face-to-face contact with your patients and take your time for conversation and deliberation in a cosy atmosphere.

Getting employed as a clinical psychologist or a therapist require academic training, professional certification, and an internship working under the supervision of more experienced colleagues. However, if you feel the calling to help others function better — as individuals, partners, professionals, parents, et cetera — you might also consider becoming a coach.

Coaching does not require dedicated studies but rather, natural abilities to empathize with others, and some background knowledge which you might acquire for instance via online courses. And of course, some salesmanship skills next to it, as you need to find clients for your coaching all by yourself!

Average Salary: $105,445 per year

Source: Glassdoor

9. Digital Marketer:

Digital marketers launch marketing campaigns using online digital technologies and digital media. Digital marketing is a massive branch of marketing today, and employs a broad range of techniques, from building organic traffic via Search Engine Optimization, through building complex sales funnels and running paid online ad campaigns, to digital networking by means of community building.

In principle, digital marketers can work from anywhere and with multiple projects at a time. The demand for online marketing is constantly raising and is only going to further increase along with the incoming web3 developments.

Please find more information about working as a digital manager in our article “White Collar Jobs in Digital Marketing: Hot or Not? On 5 Biggest Myths around Digital Marketing.”

Average Salary: $82,315 per year

Source: Glassdoor

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10. Architect / Anterior Designer:

Introverts are empathic and as such, they excel in sensing people’s personal needs and creating cosy, custom private spaces. That makes them good material for architects and interior designers.

Careers in architecture are a wonderful solution for introverts who would like to marry their analytic mind with their artistic nature. While becoming a licensed architect requires extensive, specialistic academic education, passing public exams and completing a range of internships, becoming an interior designer does not require any formal certificates.

If you have a talent for arranging space and you learn one of the popular software programs for interior design, you are good to go!

Average Salary: $104,964 per year

Source: Glassdoor

11. Content Manager:

A content manager is in charge of building intellectual property around a business or an organization and, as such, stimulating its growth. Content managers use multiple means of communication, from blogging, through creating multimedia, to researching what the current audience is most interested in and how to organically increase brand awareness.

It’s a creative profession that combines creativity with design leadership. This job gives a lot of personal freedom: content managers can work from anywhere in the world, and either freelance or get hired by commercial promotional agencies.

Average Salary: $91,444 per year

Source: Glassdoor

12. Graphic Designer:

Graphic designers use digital tools to generate graphics. Today, in times of boom in the gaming industry, Metaverse, and web3, graphic designers are in high demand in the job market — and the trend is going to vanish. Graphic design is the ideal career for that creative and innovative introverts who enjoy technology, from branding design to create new applications.

Average Salary: $89,005 per year

Source: Glassdoor

13. Photographer:

The photographer is a flexible profession ideal for creative introverts who have a good eye for visual arts and enjoy capturing moments. Photography gives a broad range of genres to choose from, including wedding, portrait, travel, and landscape photography.

This career may provide diverse experiences, and help you develop not only as a professional but also as a person. It gives an excellent opportunity to use your natural creativity and curiosity about the world to make for a living.

Plus, it does not require much investment at a start: a semi-professional camera and a few good online courses are enough to create a portfolio and get your first gigs as a photographer if you have talent and focus on your niche.

Average Salary: $65,282 per year

Source: Glassdoor

14. Freelance Writer:

Freelance writing is an excellent choice for introverts who prefer to express opinions and emotions in writing rather than in words, but at the same time, don’t feel the need to be the head of the project.

If you enjoy creating educational materials on a specific topics, or just creative writing and telling stories, there is a broad class of freelance writing professions waiting for you — from medical writing, through copyrighting, to screenwriting.

This type of profession gives lots of personal freedom and learning opportunities as well. If you have a natural drive for writing, it is definitely worth considering!

Average Salary: $84,902 per year

Source: Glassdoor

15. Author / Blogger:

You might feel that freelance writing will never become entirely fulfilling to you. Perhaps you need lots of personal freedom in terms of which topics you dedicate your time to. Perhaps you need a personal acknowledgement for your creations, and you can also feel happy once you see your name on your work.

In that case, you might consider pursuing a career as an author, or a blogger. This space is as broad as a freelance writing — if not broader. You choose any topic you enjoy and start by writing a blog.

Since blogging and authoring books require a high degree of self-discipline and patience, it is advisable to start this type of career while still at school, or while having full-time employment. You also need to take into account that sooner or later, you will need to represent your content in person, via interview or in public talks.

Therefore, while going for this type of career, you should think about additional training in sales and public speaking.

Average Salary: as it is a free profession, your earnings as an author or blogger will highly depend on a few factors: (1) the strength of your personal brand and the size of your following on the media, (2) your business mind and your ability to monetize on your writing via partnerships with sponsors, (3) your ability to present in public and give workshops and talks.

16. YouTuber / TikToker / Instagram Influencer

This is not a joke! Many YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagram influencers with millions of followers, such as Mr BeastChris Do, Lana Blakely, or Nathaniel Drew, declare to be introverts!

Actually, introversion can even be a factor for success on YouTube, where taking the time to think about what you are going to say, speaking from the heart, and introspective outlook on life are highly rewarded. 

So, if you are an introvert who can self-manage, and overcome the fear of the camera, you should definitely consider this type of activity.

Average Salary: just as in the care of an author or a blogger, this is a free profession, and your earnings will largely depend on your ability to self-navigate, and on your business mind.

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17. Editor:

If you enjoy logistics, team writing, as well as reading, polishing, and enriching text written by other people, you might also enjoy the work of an editor. In principle, editors find and assign the right people to write specific content or review submitted external material and modify it for publication. As managers of the publication process, they are responsible for the accuracy and quality of the published material.

Editors work in mass media, including television, magazines, publishing houses, and in a corporate environment. They usually have the option of working from home.

Average Salary: $96,769 per year

Source: Glassdoor

18. Business Analyst:

A Business Analyst is one of the pivotal employees of any business. Business Analysts assist businesses in becoming more efficient by improving their processes and systems, which is commonly referred to as Business Intelligence.

Most analysts use research, data, and software at work. They must employ both their analytic and business thinking: first, analyze data in detail, and then offer strategic recommendations for the business. As Business Analysts operate primarily on their own, this is a fantastic vocation for introverts.

Average Salary: $94,726 per year

Source: Glassdoor

19. Auditor:

An Auditor is primarily responsible for the company’s operations and making sure that the company’s finances are healthy at every stage of the process. During your day-to-day work as an auditor, you will collect data from your company’s financial reports, account balances, cash flow, income statements, balance sheets, and tax filings, and make sure that everything adds up properly.

To be recognized as a qualified auditor, you’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and the willingness to complete a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) program. However, as this job is primarily associated with numbers, an Auditor can be an attractive career choice for introverts.

Average Salary: $84,663 per year

Source: Glassdoor

20. Librarian:

Yes, libraries and librarians still exist in this world! If you are a bookworm, this one might be not the most lucrative of all jobs… but how satisfying!

Librarians are responsible for much more than just pacifying unruly children in public libraries. They are in charge of classifying and sorting documents, and instructing and advising visitors.

Since today, libraries are pegged to electronic data management systems, today, librarians are often also expected to have some basic knowledge of software or even programming. 

Some institutions also expect their librarians to publish articles in library science journals or apply for grants to further expand the local book collection. Therefore, if you think of becoming a librarian always read the contract in detail!

Librarians are essential in a variety of locales, from universities, to schools, healthcare, enterprises, galleries, and other associations.

Average Salary: $78,986

Source: Glassdoor

21. Archivist:

Archivists collect, organize, and maintain large datasets that are meant to hold long-term value. Both digital files and physical objects could be subject to the work of an archivist. However, we live in times of Information Technology taking over the economy.

Therefore, as a candidate or an Archivist, you have to be prepared that despite the role doesn’t require any formal certification, most likely, you will need to become familiar with some form of programming (e.g., in MySQL) to be able to land this type of position. On the good side of things, since working as an archivist does not involve any major social interaction in daily work, it can be another perfect choice for introverts.

Average Salary: $76,688 per year

Source: Glassdoor

22. Park Ranger:

This profession may be right for you if you enjoy the calm that comes with being surrounded by nature. Park Rangers spend their time conserving wildlife while patrolling land. In the US, they are employed by state parks, municipal park departments, and the National Park Service.

As a Park Ranger, you spend most of your time alone, surrounded by nature. Although you may be a member of a team, your daily tasks are usually accomplished independently. While it isn’t as lucrative as some of the other careers on this list, it is a popular choice among introverts.

Typically, you need a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline related to biology, biodiversity, ecology, forestry, environmental or earth science to become a Park Ranger. It is also preferred to hire candidates with some volunteering experience working in nature centers or outdoor education centers.

Average Salary: $71,421 per year

Source: Glassdoor

23. Paralegal:

When it comes to exciting careers, becoming a paralegal is probably the idea that first comes to mind. Yet, it might be an ideal choice for introverts. In a courtroom, a barrister needs to present to the public and connect with the jury, while introverts prefer to focus solely on the facts. Paralegals devote a significant portion of their time delving into a case’s legal complexities and conducting in-depth research.

Formally, a paralegal is a person who assists lawyers during a court case from behind the curtains, by preparing and organizing legal documents for upcoming trials. A paralegal is a complex job that boils down to research and logistics around the court case.

On the one hand, paralegals are the “detectives” on the legal team: they research the case for attorneys, namely investigating facts, discussing case details with attorneys, and developing legal arguments.

On the other hand, they also need to be the “secretaries:” organize correspondence and files, prepare documents such as contracts, depositions and pleadings, and keep track of the changes in the legal system.

Paralegals must have an excellent understanding of legal procedures and terminology, and at least two years of apprenticeship completed before getting hired. On the good side of things, the market demand for paralegals is stable over time, including during recessions, which gives a sense of safety in the job market.

Average Salary: $67,053 per year

Source: Glassdoor

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Building Self-Image Online as an Introvert.

Building presence online is important for all professionals today, and especially for introverts. Let social media be your little stage where you can present your excellent professional skills without stress!

Please check out our tutorials “5 Rules for How To Make Social Media Benefit Your Career” dedicated to building social media presence, and “10 Steps to Create an Effective LinkedIn Profile in 2022” dedicated to building a compelling LinkedIn presence. These materials will help you build your brand online consistently and confidently. 

Conclusion: It’s Time For Introverts!

Yes, you can successfully capitalize on your introverted nature, and live happily ever after! It is only a matter of skillful self-navigation.

In fact, we live in times beneficial for introverts, namely in in times of the great loneliness. It’s a particularly good climate for introverts in the job market as they are much better at operating alone and spending time in solitude than extraverts. Historically, extraverts were doing better as professionals as they were more likely to land leadership positions. Now, they are the ones to struggle with loneliness the most.

Moreover, the post-pandemic landscape in the job market in which remote work has become the default mode, equalized career options for introverts. If you don’t feel comfortable at public presentations, you can still become the heart and soul of the party, e.g., via Discord.

As an introvert, you have a competitive advantage in many areas of the job market — which the internet also facilitates as it gives you a chance to take your time and physically separate yourself from people when at work.

Even the preferred model of leadership is changing in your favor! We are talking about the “servant leadership” model focused on creating synergistic relationships rather than seeking power, empowering employees, and assuring their well-being around them. Introverts, such as, famously, Jack Ma, the beloved Founder and CEO of Alibaba Group, tend to become wonderful leaders in this category.

In this article, we discuss the nature of introversion and give 23 ideas of career ideal for introverts. Of course, this list is only the tip of the iceberg 0 in fact, there are hundreds of careers that you might possibly consider. 

Whatever you choose, remember to keep on working on your professional development. Lifelong learning is essential for introvert professionals as their personal network is typically smaller than a case of extroverts.

Are you an introvert and empathic person? Please also check out our article “7 Amazing Careers For Empathic People” and check out the book “Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search (Introvert Strengths)” by Gabriela Casineanu.

And what is your personal experience in the job market? Does your introverted nature help you at work, or does it disturb you? We would like to listen to your story, so please share with us below! And of course, best of luck with your career development!

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