Top 10 Free Software to Assist You in Your Professional Development.

April 11th 2022

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Why Should You Use Free Software in Your Professional Career and What Advantage Does That Give You?

Job search is the very first step in landing your dream job. The more effort you put into it, the more you will stand out to potential employees, and the better your chances of being called back. Luckily, there are many free tools to assist you in your career. From productivity apps to job hunting software, there is always an app that’ll make your job search easier.

In this article, we are going over the best free software to assist you in your professional career and how each of them will benefit you in your quest to find the job you’ve been waiting for.

1. Canva.

Canva is a free design platform that offers hundreds of different templates for invitations, business cards, social media posts, presentations, and more. It can be a very useful tool when it comes to designing a resume that’ll stand out from the rest of the competition.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a professional, yet stylish-looking resume with Canva. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop features all you need to do is choose the template you like the most and fill it out with your skills, experience, education, and other relevant information, everything that to bring to a job interview. 

2. JobScan.

JobScan is an online tool that can help you create a resume tailored to the job postings you’re applying for. JobScan identifies relevant keywords that might be missing from your resume and assists you in naturally integrating them.

Nowadays, most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in their recruitment processes. ATS is a software that browses your resume’s information in search of the right keywords and keyword placement and ranks your application automatically according to the job’s requirements. Using JobScan will help you succeed with ATS, improving your chances of getting called for an interview.

3. LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the most popular job search and networking social media platform. There, you can create an appealing profile, search for relevant jobs by keyword, location, and company, network with people in your field, and share your expertise through catchy posts.

Hiring managers in all fields have a great presence on LinkedIn and use this tool to find and evaluate potential employees. Even if you don’t have a great online presence on LinkedIn, you should, at least, make an effort to keep a polished profile of a good employee that’ll attract potential employers.

LinkedIn also offers a broad range of online certified courses for those who want to sharpen their skills. LinkedIn Learning features over 16,000 courses taught by experts in many different fields. Adding a few certificates to your professional profile might be just what you need to get the attention of employers and recruiters.

4. Indeed.

Indeed is one of the most popular job boards in the world. Its own search engine pulls job postings from various websites and compiles them all in one place, making job hunting much easier. Job seekers can even apply directly to job openings through Indeed. You can filter job offers by keyword, job title, level of expertise, industry type, and more.

This job board also allows you to create and store resumes, compare salaries in different companies, catch up on the most recent trends in employment, and participate in user forums.

5. LiveCareer Apply.

LiveCareer Apply is a Google Chrome extension that simplifies the job application process by storing basic and relevant information regarding your experience and filling out lengthy application forms for you. This way, you have more time to find other professional opportunities in the job market.

As soon as you download the extension, you simply need to feed it your information and save it. Next time you need to fill out an application, you just press the app button, and it automatically fills it in for you. All that’s left to do is to quickly re-check your information, make some minor changes and you’re done.

LiveCareer Apply integrates with many online job boards such as Indeed, Monster, SimplyHired, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and many more.

6. My Interview Simulator.

My Interview Simulator is a basic online platform that can help you practice some of the most common interview questions. This free simulator offers basic, behavioural, and practice case interview questions for you to try out. All questions come with different answer alternatives so you can choose the ones you relate to the most.

There are also some brainteaser questions and complete simulations where you’re asked several questions in a row for practice. 

7. Slik Prospector.

Some job seekers prefer to reach out directly to companies to pitch their resumes and find a job. Being successful in this requires a way to find the right contact information inside that company.

Slik Prospector might just be what you need. This AI-based Chrome Extension allows you to pull valid emails from LinkedIn that you can use for exploratory networking and job hunting. With Slik, you can store your searches and compile relevant data until you’re ready to make your pitch.

8. HubSpot Email Tracking.

When you’re reaching out to employers, you’ll want to know if you’re actually getting through to them and if they’re even reading your emails. HubSpot’s free email tracking software might be just the right solution for you.

This tracker notifies you the moment someone opens and reads your email, so you’ll never be left wondering if the recipient got it. This is going to help you understand whether a potential employer is worth your time and investment or not.

9. Grammarly.

Grammarly is a free online writing assistant that suggests spelling checks and grammar changes and even allows you to edit your text to suit specific tones and genres. Whether you want to write a casual email or a more professional one, Grammarly will make sure you construct the perfect text.

Even if you’re a professional writer, Grammarly is always helpful when it comes to catching the occasional typo. At the moment, it only supports the English language, but it still recognizes spelling differences in British, Canadian, Australian, and American English.

10. Socialoomph.

Hiring managers are nowadays turning to social media to do their research on their potential employees, so it’s important to be on top of your pages and curate all of your posts. For the regular person, it might be impossible to constantly update your feeds, so using a free social media management app might be just what you need.

Socialoomph allows you to manage one account for free and schedule as many posts as you’d like. This way you can always have fresh and relevant content, for example, on your LinkedIn without having to work on posts every day.

Conclusion: Free Software to Assist You in Your Professional Career That You Should Know.

Now that you’re familiar with the best free software to assist you in your search on the job market and your professional career, job hunting will be easier, faster, and more efficient. With these tools, you’ll be able to create stunning resumes, find relevant contact info, track who opens your emails, and easily manage your social media accounts.

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