The Ontology of Value®
Partnership Training, Level #1

An Intensive Online Partnership Training
for Empathic Professionals Who
Build Value Culture

— August 4th/5th 2024, 9 AM-1PM PT / 6-10 PM CET —

The Ontology of Value® Method
Overview of Our Products & Services
The Principles of Empathic Sales
Let's join forces
Welcome to our partnership training! Ontology Of Value 1f525 The Ontology of Value Partnership Training, Level 1: The Method, Products/Services, and Empathic Sales

Ontology of Value® Is Growing - Let's Grow Together!

We would like to propagate our mission and vision and keep on building the value culture together with a team of compassionate partners. 

If you:

1 Resonate with our mission and share the belief that working culture should be based on developing natural potential in people and building value,

2 Are a “people person:” empathic, communicative, optimistic, naturally tuned to education and helping people,

3 Are searching for effective ways to create income on the side,

You are our dream collaborator!

And all this in a group of ambitious, helpful, and motivated people like you.


PART 1: 

Natalia Bielczyk, PhD 

Thursday, August 4th, 6-10pm CET:

✓ 1.5 h: Professional training dedicated to the novel Ontology of Value method, including aptitude testing and coaching solutions: our philosophy, tools, methods.

✓ 1.5 h: Introduction to all our products and services, together with their current pricing, partnership terms / commission rates, and promotional materials.

 0.5 h: Instruction for how to register to the partnership program and monitor your progress.

 0.5 h: Q&A session.

Ontology Of Value fb-insta-40-Cropped-2-300x300 The Ontology of Value Partnership Training, Level 1: The Method, Products/Services, and Empathic Sales
Natalia is the author of the Ontology of Value® method. She is a career & business advisor, entrepreneur, researcher, author, and blogger. She graduated from the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Warsaw, Poland, with a triple MS title in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology. Thereafter, she obtained a PhD in Computational Neuroscience at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behavior, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


Elżbieta Karpińska-Jurkowska 

Friday, August 5th, 6-10pm CET:

 3.5 h: Professional training in empathic sales,

 0.5 h: Q&A session.

Ontology Of Value Elzbieta-Jurkowska-Karpinska-300x300 The Ontology of Value Partnership Training, Level 1: The Method, Products/Services, and Empathic Sales
Elżbieta is a Senior Sales Manager with 10 years of experience in international insurance companies and private banking. Passionate about creating sales strategy, based on empathy and building long-term relations with clients. Trainer and coach with 15 years of experience, both in sales- and project management skills training. MS in Political Science at Warsaw University, upper-graduated from Warsaw School of Economics. Ex-Wicepresident of board of Impact Foundation, passionate about cross-sectoral networking and setting partnerships to solve citizen problems in municipalities. “My personal aim is to help sales teams I work with to find and develop people’s natural talents and train them. I believe there is no success in training without practicing new skills on everyday basis.”

What Do You Gain From This Training?

You will:

✓ Learn all you need to know about our unique Ontology of Value® model describing the circulation of value in the job market,

✓ Learn how you can help professionals and teams using this method and how YOU can profit from this,

 Learn universal sales techniques that will help you thrive throughout your professional career,

 Acquire a certificate giving you the right to represent Ontology of Value® at professional meetups and conferences, and at meetings with corporate clients. 


The first edition of the partnership training will be entirely free of charge. The future editions of this training will be charged.

The Ontology of Value® System: What Does Our Method Offer?

We believe that the best approach to develop your full potential as a professional, is to find your competitive advantage in the job market and cooperate / collaborate rather than compete. You have your unique “professional identity” or “professional fingerprint.” This fingerprint is composed of a set of your core competencies acquired throughout your education process and professional career, your individual way of creating value for others, and your values and beliefs that make you fit into specific working environments.

This approach proves to be the most effective both in business and in career building! Therefore, we will help individuals and teams determine their unique professional identity and position themselves in the market in a way to excel. We use our own methodology developed with our in-house R&D tools to let you discover your fingerprint and navigate in the job market like a pro!

Ontology Of Value PieChart-ODYSSEY The Ontology of Value Partnership Training, Level 1: The Method, Products/Services, and Empathic Sales

Why Is This Partnership Program Right For You?

✓ Important mission. We are building value culture together. We help professionals in self-navigating in the job market, teams in building synergy, and employers in better understanding their employee’s needs and their potential. If you have similar interests, you will be happy working with us!

✓ Transparent, commission-based partnership system. We offer attractive commissions and simple, handy, transparent system for collecting commissions. You will have insight into your earnings a each point in time.

✓ Zero theorizing and generalities. You will receive clear information and instructions, all the necessary promotional materials, and professional assistance.

✓ Actual information. We keep in touch with the recent developments in the job market! While working with us, you will also stay on top of things. You will gain all the skills necessary to land best jobs in the today’s job market: finding and creating positions, professional networking, creating a competitive resume and LinkedIn profile, writing winning cover letters, self-presentation during job interviews in accordance with the current industry standards, etc.

✓ Helpful community. You will meet other ambitious and empathic professionals like you who are also into building value and synergy in the job market. 

✓ Direct contact with the project leaders. We keep in touch with our partners via dedicated Discord channel. You will always have a priority while asking questions to the course leaders, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!