Get your individual access to The Ontology of Value® Test for students, followed by an individual appointment with a certified consultant!


After making the purchase, you will receive your unique, individual access to the student version of the test and schedule an appointed with our consultant. We will send the access link and your individual access code to the email address that you will share with us in your billing information.

With your unique access code in hand, you can fill in and submit the test your way! If you do not finish the test at the first go, you can come back to it at any moment using the same access link and access code. Your previous responses will be saved in the form, and you can still modify them for as long as you don’t submit the test for evaluation. Please make sure that you don’t lose your unique access code before finalizing your test. Also, please remember that you can submit the test only once after submitting the test for the final evaluation and receive the report with your personal assessment, getting back to the questions will no longer be possible.

This version of the test is UNSUPERVISED, which means that no one but you will have a direct access to your results.

Furthermore, you will receive an email sent to your billing email address, containing:

  1. Your personal test report,
  2. The Ontology of Value® Test booklet “The Ontology of Value: Discovering Your Source of Value for the Society and Working Environments That Naturally Fit You (ODYSSEY)” the detailed guidebook to your test results, including comprehensive guidelines on how to build a career given your profile,
  3. The free tutorial “How to Navigate in the Job Market and Shine at the Job Interviews.”


At the checkout, you will be asked to schedule your individual post-test consultancy session with one of our certified consultants. Our consultant will help you interpret the result and make recommendations for your next career steps necessary for you to bring your career to the next level. Please bring your test results (and, preferably, also your resume) to the session!


We currently consult on Fridays between 6am and 8pm UTC only,

Please bring your final report from The Ontology of Value® Test to the session. Taking the test can take you as much as 3 hours, therefore please take it into account dont take the test at the very last moment before the session! It is also recommended to bring your resume to the session as it will help the consultant formulate personalized career tips.