The Ontology of Value® Career Mastery Program, FULL 6-WEEK PROGRAM (weeks 1-6)

This is the registration for the entire Ontology of Value® Career Mastery Program: an innovative, intensive 6-week online career acceleration program for academic researchers willing to go through an extensive career development training to explore new career options outside of academia and put their careers on the new level.

This program includes 3 modules:

Module 1: Discover Yourself (weeks 1-2)

In this module, you will go through an in-depth self-discovery process to:

  • Diagnoze your personal relationship with work,
  • Uncover your values and priorities,
  • Discover and discuss the real reasons why you consider leaving academia and changing your career track,
  • Learn your strengths and natural potential to create value as a professional,
  • Build your professional identity,
  • Learn your competitive advantage in the job market and the art of leveraging on your research skills,
  • Learn the structure of the open job market, including a variety of working environments and their culture,
  • Make a planning for where to start your next adventure.

Module 2: Upgrade Your Career (weeks 3-4)

In this module, you will go through an intensive training to:

  • Learn how to pitch and brand yourself, both in person and online,
  • Learn to network and build social capital efficiently,
  • Learn how to find and create good job offers,
  • Build a resume that fits the industry standards,
  • Learn how to write winning cover letters,
  • Learn how to effectively leverage on AI tools to step up your job search game,
  • Learn how to negotiate and pass job interviews with flying colors & practice job interviews during the class,
  • Create a personal plan of action and take active steps towards landing your new position.

Module 3: Design and Navigate (weeks 5-6)

In this module, you will go through an intensive training to:

  • Better understand your image of a dream career and dream lifestyle,
  • Learn how to set and monitor your goals,
  • Utilize your inborn entrepreneurial mind in your professional career,
  • Learn how to get by in a new work environment and pave your way to success,
  • Learn how to self-navigate among other people like a pro,
  • Learn self-management techniques for life,
  • Learn how to self-monitor, self-regulate and avoid burnouts,
  • Learn how to leverage on AI tools in your career development,
  • Learn how to assess and predict the job market.

The package includes:

  • Interactive lectures, hands-on exercises, aptitude tests, group assignments (6 x 4 hours),
  • Personal access to the Ontology of Value® Test,
  • A set of homework assignments (6 x 4 hours),
  • Digital handouts,
  • Access to our internal “Ask me anything” Discord channel.

Before the course starts, we will send you all the logistic information under the email address indicated in your billing information. If you prefer to change your contact email number, please send us an email to info@ontologyofvalue.com