Self study, session #2

1. Prepare a 60-90 seconds pitch on who you are as a professional (a famous elevator pitch!), and what your strengths and professional interests are. If you already know what type of profession you are going for next, please introduce yourself as a representative of that profession. If not, introduce yourself as a researcher.

Do not look at your resume yet!

Now, introduce yourself to the group. Imagine that you just met at a local business meetup, and you don’t know anyone in person yet.

2. Now, look at your resume and note what competencies and professional experience are highlighted in there. Think whether your resume well reflects all the information raised in point (1), and what could be added / removed / highlighted.

3. Think about the layout. If necessary, browse through the online databases of free templates available at one of the following platforms:



If you feel that the resume could also need a check for grammar / spelling, upload your resume onto Grammarly for a free check. 

4. Now, assume that you are answering the following two job offers:

a) “We are looking for need a junior manager in our company. We are searching for stellar leadership and communication skills, a natural ability to motivate other people, and a willingness to travel. We expect the candidate to be dispositional and flexible; the business travels can take up to 20% of the working time.”

b) “We are looking for a top specialist in our field. We are searching for a highly motivated employee who is a team player but can also work independently. We expect creativity and willingness to learn. The employee will also need to supervise the trainees within the department.”

Tailor your resume to each one of these two job offers.