Individual Job Hunt Assistance

In Ontology of Value®, we build innovative solutions for effective job hunt dedicated to professionals who want to build impact, and who value non-material qualities as high as professional titles and solid salaries.

We understand that to enjoy your job and thrive as a professional, you need to find a place where you can use your core competencies, work according to your natural working style, play the role that best fits your natural potential. Where you are surrounded by people who share your values and beliefs and give you space to grow.

We help our individual clients search for jobs that satisfy all these conditions using our Ontology of Value® System. In our practice, we help our clients determine their long-term career goals. 

While working with us, you will create your professional ID, namely determine your core competencies, find the scope of roles in which you can thrive, and choose your optimal direction in the job market.

Ontology Of Value PieChart-ODYSSEY Individual Job Hunt Assistance

We will help you effectively network, choose the job openings optimal for you, draft the application documents, and prepare for the job interviews. We will guide you through he whole process! 

Furthermore, we believe that good recruitment should not end at the end of signing the contract. Therefore, our recruitment program involves 4 hours of individual coaching after signing the contract. We will help you adapt to your new workplace and discuss the strategies to pave your way to your first promotion!

How To Start

We believe that talent works above borders. Therefore, we welcome international applicants! Are you interested in looking for your next job with us? Please find our terms below:

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