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We build innovative recruitment solutions for hiring experts with unique combinations of competencies and experience. We work with a broad network of professionals high academic education who represent multiple industries.

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Are you searching for a highly talented executive with natural leadership skills and with 10+ years of experience in hands-on building IT projects? Or perhaps, a biotechnologist who can build patentable solutions for your business and is also an expert in patent- and intellectual property law? Or, a volatile writer, who can develop any form of written material, from the detailed technical documentation for your products, through the content of your website, grant applications, to promotional materials for social media campaigns?

Our Approach

Today, highly qualified employees value non-material qualities of the jobs higher than position titles and high salaries. Although a decent paycheck is a huge benefit, most job seekers make their ultimate career decisions based on the role in the team, the amount of responsibility associated with the position, the working style in the team, the diversity within the company, sustainability, opportunities for growth, etc.

However, these non-material qualities are often miscommunicated or skipped during recruitment. As a result, there is an over 50% rate of mis-hirings nowadays (measured my the percentage of employees who leave the company in less than 18 months after signing the contract). This crisis of loyalty and the resulting migration on the job market is a major issue to the employers, as it causes massive costs.

We bridge this gap. We take into account not only hard and soft skills, but also expectations towards the jobs, and non-material qualities. Finding a good match requires introspection and empathy from both the employer and the candidate! We believe that putting this initial effort into communication, and open discussion upon mutual expectations is the best way to make sure that the employer and the employee will be happy together ever after. We use our own methodology to best match the candidates with the position:

Figure 2: Self-Awareness

We use our own measurements to assess the candidate’s fit to the working environment of the employer, and to the particular position. Please read more about our approach and conditions here:

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