Recommended Coaching Services For Researchers By Our Partners

Experts in field of Career Advisory for PhDs:

Ontology Of Value EmilyRoberts-Cropped Recommended Services

Personal Finance for PhDs
by Emily Roberts, PhD

Live seminars, workshops, online courses, and a podcast on personal finance for graduate students and early-career PhDs.

Ontology Of Value Jennifer-Polk Recommended Services

From PhD to Life
by Jennifer Polk, PhD

Individual and group coaching services for PhDs in humanities in transition to industry, as well as freelancing PhDs who are developing their own businesses.

Ontology Of Value Danielle-Cropped Recommended Services

Self-Compassionate Professor
by Danielle De La Mare, PhD

Career wellness coaching to exhausted tenure-track faculty whose careers have taken over their lives.

Ontology Of Value Chris Recommended Services

Jobs on Toast
by Chris Humphrey, PhD

Informative, tailored talks and workshops on accessing careers outside of academia, for PhD and post-doc researchers.

Ontology Of Value IMG_5623-1-1-1024x960-Cropped Recommended Services

by Chris Cornthwaite, PhD

Careers with purpose: blog and workshops for degree holders who want to make impact in the world.

Ontology Of Value Hellen-Parra-Florez Recommended Services

Code Switch Consultants
by Hellen Parra-Flórez, PhD

A research consultancy program for PhD and postdoctoral researchers to develop in-demand industry skills through MBA-style consultancy projects.

Ontology Of Value MarkBayer Recommended Services

Bayer Strategic Consulting
by Mark Bayer

Online communication advancement program for scientists and engineers.

Ontology Of Value MatthiasHombauer_Portraitwhitebg-1-1024x684-Cropped Recommended Services

Dream Developer
by Matthias Hombauer, PhD

Online coaching program that helps participants formulate and pursue their dreams.

Ontology Of Value Ewa-Pluciennicka-PhD-Success Recommended Services

PhD Success
by Ewa Płóciennicka, PhD

Helping academics overcome mental challenges via individual consultations, group support, and university training so they can be more productive, confident, and happy in their careers and lives.

Ontology Of Value Anna-Clemens-zoom Recommended Services

Researchers’ Writing Academy
by Anna Clemens, PhD

An online course for researchers who want to get published in high-ranking journals without lacking structure in the writing process.

Ontology Of Value David-Mendes-da-Silva-2022 Recommended Services

by David Mendes, PhD

Action-driven talks and career advice for young researchers based on over 200 conversations with PhDs on the Papa PhD podcast about their personal and professional journeys during and after graduate school.

Ontology Of Value Aditya Recommended Services

PhD To Industry
by Aditya Mahara, PhD

Helping PhDs, Postdocs & Academics launch and grow their industry careers in Life Science and Tech

Ontology Of Value Luna-Clara-Munoz-Cropped-min Recommended Services

Luna Leadership
by Luna Clara Muñoz, PhD

Career coach for mid-career academics to land jobs or create consultancy businesses without sacrificing their values; free masterclasses/resources for CVs & paid individual/group coaching.

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