Christmas 2022

"May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve." This Christmas, we wish you joyful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. May peace, love, and success follow you always.
In Ontology of Value®, we believe that fulfillment comes from growing together. Our vision is the Green Ocean: an ecosystem in which we not only avoid competition with other professionals and teams but also actively support each other. Please find more information on our mission and vision here.
Please find our Christmas offer for you below!

Our Christmas Offer This Year

This Christmas, we offer massive discounts on two of our flagship products: the Ontology of Value® Test and the Ontology of Value® Career Mastery Video Course.

Are You Looking For a Unique Christmas Gift?🌲

Perhaps it is time to help your friend or family member in choosing a career path optimal for them?

This Christmas, we offer hot 25% discount for the Ontology of Value® Test packaged as a gift!

This test was designed for all those who think of changing their career tracks — but are uncertain what their potential is and where to go next.

The test helps professionals and students determine their natural way of creating value in the job market, and find the working environment where they fit best given their natural working style, personality, and values.

The model behind the test was inspired by Alfred Adler’s theory of motivation, and built using a combination of psychometrics and machine learning.

The results contain not only qualitative but also quantitative results — they allow the participants to see their strengths and weaknesses in comparison with the reference population of white-collar professionals representing all market sectors.

In other words, the output from this test is a cheat sheet that shows the participants where they have a competitive advantage in the job market.

The test results are accompanied by two books:

🍀(1) The test booklet “The Ontology of Value® Test booklet “The Ontology of Value: Discovering Your Source of Value for the Society and Working Environments That Naturally Fit You (ODYSSEY)” — the detailed guidebook to your test results, including comprehensive guidelines on how to build a career given your profile,

🍀(2) Free ebook “How to Navigate in the Job Market and Shine at the Job Interviews” — a self-navigation manual that will help in landing the dream jobs.

Perhaps It's Time To Make a Gift To Yourself?🌲

All Career Mastery video courses to premiere on January 1st 2023 at presale 33-50% discounts

You can choose between:
🍀1. The full version of the Career Mastery Video Course:
➣ Individual access of the Ontology of Value® Test,
➣16 hours of comprehensive video tutorial on career building,
➣A battery of self-discovery assignments.

🍀2. The blitz version of the Career Mastery Video Course:
➣Individual access of the Ontology of Value® Test,
➣4 hours of video instruction for how to interpret the test and benefit from the results in professional life.

Both video courses are available in 3 versions:

➣Academic: dedicated to full-time academic researchers,
➣Pro: dedicated to professionals active in the open job market,
➣Student: dedicated to undergraduate students.

+ Additionally, purchasing any version of the course guarantees:
➣A lifelong access to the video content, including yearly updates and bonuses,
➣Access to our private Discord where you can ask us any career-related questions 24/7.

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