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“The Longest Journey: The Ultimate Guide To Self-Navigation in the Job Market” (PDF)

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A comprehensive guidebook for anyone who seeks for effective tools to self-navigate in the job market.


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Bielczyk, N. (2022). The Longest Journey: The Ultimate Guide To Self-Navigation in the Job Market. (PDF)
ISBN: ???.
Number of pages: ???.
Published by Ontology of Value, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Copyright © 2022 by Natalia Z. Bielczyk, PhD. All rights reserved.

Dr. Natalia Bielczyk is an entrepreneur, researcher, author, and philanthropist. She graduated from the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Warsaw, Poland, with a triple MS title in Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology. Thereafter, she obtained a PhD in Computational Neuroscience at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behavior in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In 2018, she launched a public foundation, Stichting Solaris Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling, aiming to help early career researchers find new careers in industry. She also owns Welcome Solutions, a company developing new tools and practices to help professionals in navigating on the job market, and in finding/creating their dream jobs. Even though she chose to work in the open market, she is still a researcher in her free time and has a strong belief in the compatibility of science and entrepreneurship.


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