Partnership Materials

Promotional materials all for products and services
offered by Ontology of Value®

As our Partner, you are welcome to use all the following materials (the copyrights stay on the side of Ontology of Value®).

General Instruction for Placing Partnership Materials Online.

General instruction for using the visuals and collecting affiliate commissions from partnership deals:

a) There are three separate partnership programs:

  • OOV Company Services“: all products sold via the company landing page (such as tickets for the Ontology of Value Career Mastery Program, our career coaching services, or our books), please find the “OOV Company Services” partnership program’s homepage HERE,
  • OOV Tests“: all products sold via the test page (such as individual tests, bundles of test access codes, tests + individual coaching sessions), please find the “OOV Tests” partnership program’s homepage HERE,
  • OOV Video Courses“: all products sold via the video course page, please find the “OOV Video Courses”  partnership program’s homepage HERE.

b) You should register to each of these partnership programs separately and learn / remember your partnership ID number for each one of them.

E.g., you can have partnership ID #7 for the “OOV Company Services” partnership program, partnership ID #10 for the “OOV Video Courses” partnership program, and partnership ID #24 for the “OOV Tests”.

Signing a partnership agreement with Ontology of Value gives you the right to register for the 

Of course, it is not obligatory to register for multiple partnership programs; you can choose just one if you wish. In that case, you will only earn commissions from products and services pegged to that partnership program. 

c) If you put a visual material online, you should link it to specific websites related to this visual material. 

You can either link to the homepage of the relevant website or to specific products. Importantly, it doesn’t matter which subpage you choose: whatever the user buys from the website after tracking your affiliate link, will be booked as your commission.

For instance, if you wish to advertise for our book (sold through the company website), you can build an affiliate link to the company landing page, to the subpage listing books, or to the specific product. In all these cases, sales will be booked for your account.

d) You create your own affiliate links to our products and services in a simple way.

You can create an affiliate link simply by adding the term “/?wpam_id=YOUR-PARNTNERSHIP-ID” to the page you are linking to.

For instance, if you partnership ID in the “OOV Company Services” program is #123, and you advertise for the book “What Is out There For Me?,” you can use any of the following affiliate links:

  • https://ontologyofvalue.com/?wpam_id=123
  • https://ontologyofvalue.com/books-on-career-development/?wpam_id=123
  • https://ontologyofvalue.com/product/pdf-of-the-book-what-is-out-there-the-landscape-of-post-phd-career-tracks/?wpam_id=123

The cookie will be saved for 365 days. It means that the user who enters the page via your affiliate link can close the tab and still come back to the website and make a purchase within a year from the first visit, and you will still receive a commission from sales.

e) That’s all! You are set.

You are set now! You can start using your affiliate links and collect affiliate commissions. Whenever your affiliate link generates sales you will be able to see the progress in your relevant affiliate panel. 

Partnership Materials #1: Visuals (logos | banners).

1. The “OOV Company Services” partnership program.

a) The company.

The general company logos and favicons: 

c) Career Coaching services:

f) Books (sold via company website in a PDF).

The book covers:

The book banners:

2. The “OOV Tests” partnership program.

The test logo:

The test banners:


3. The “OOV Video Courses” partnership program.

The video course logo:

The video course banners:

4. Other Visuals.

a) Our YouTube channel banners:

b) Our free monthly newsletter banners:

Partnership Materials #2: Other content (presentations | prospects | flyers).

1. The general prospect of the company:

a) Dedicated to universities and other public institutions/NGOs: Education-ENG, Education-PL

b) Dedicated to private businesses: Enterprise-ENG, Education-PL

c) Dedicated to partners: ENG, PL

2. The presentation of the specialized company services:

a) Dedicated to universities and other public institutions/NGOs: Education-ENG, Education-PL

b) Dedicated to businesses: Enterprise-ENG, Education-PL

c) Dedicated to partners: ENG, PL

3. The general company overview:


4. One-pager flyers for the Ontology of Value Career Mastery Program (watch out! the starting dates in the box at the bottom are left blank, please fill in before sending!):

a) Industry Professional Edition: ENG, PL

b) PhD Edition: ENG, PL

5. Full syllabus and agenda for the Ontology of Value Career Mastery Program:

a) Industry Professional Edition, ENG: 6 weeks, 4 weeks

b) PhD Edition, ENG: 6 weeks, 4 weeks

6. Short written pitches (Natalia’s bio, the company, and ALL the products and services offered by the company):


7. Other promotional materials:

Exemplary questions for informational interviews with B2B and B2G clients