In the job market, value flows like a river. Value always comes first, and money follows. Therefore, to discover your edge and thrive in the job market, you need to learn what your natural way of producing value is – and in which roles and positions you can best use this potential.

Furthermore, we live and work in tribes. Every working environment is yet another little community living by its own rules and standards. Do you know which door to knock at given your personality, working style, and values?

What The Ontology of ValueTM Test will help you with, is learning your natural profile as a value builder, and discovering the working environments where people share your values, and where your contribution as a professional will be valued the most. As a result, you will receive a cheat sheet that will tell you where in the job market you have your competitive advantage! 

The Ontology of ValueTM Test was:
  • Developed with the roots of human motivation in mind, and with deep understanding that people differ in their natural ways of building value and impact,
  • Tailored for white-collar professionals who aim to build fulfilling careers in today’s job market,
  • Constructed in a way that pushes you to think about your values and make important choices,
  • Initiated by two years of field research, powered by psychometrics and machine learning,
  • Validated on a large group of professionals representing all industries and 14 countries.
Figure 1: Circulation of value in the society - aptitude tests for professionals aptitude tests for students
Figure 1 The circulation of value (and money) in the society. Ref: The Ontology of Value: Discovering Your Source of Value for the Society & The Environment That Values You (ODYSSEY). ISBN: 9789083057934.

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