Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help professionals and teams build their future and grow to their full potential by discovering their strengths and honing their craft, building and nourishing bonds, and aggregating wealth.

We believe that fulfillment comes from growing together. Our vision is the Green Ocean: an ecosystem in which we not only avoid competition with other professionals and teams but also actively support each other.

Our Fundamental Belief

We live in uncertain times: in the times of the global pandemic, V.U.C.A. (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), and in the shadow of the Great Reset. How to make progress as a professional and make sure that you grow to your full potential, safely and confidently?

There is only one copy of you! We believe that to grow and thrive in life, you need to learn what makes you special, and how to make better decisions to build value and impact. How to hone your craft, find people who think alike, develop deep relationships, grow a safety net, build your personal brand, find your mission, and aggregate wealth along the way.

We follow the Green Ocean philosophy. We believe that self-development at work and in life is all about discovering your source of value for others, and helping others grow. In the long run, givers get the furthest in their careers and develop the most fulfilling professional lives! Therefore, our community is focused on self-discovery, learning together about the trends in the job market and the global economy, solving problems, and helping each other grow at work and in life.

Our Dream

We also believe that now, in the post pandemic world, people and teams become more and more distant from each other. While in fact, nothing will replace the sense of community and closeness that you gain from working hand in hand. Therefore, even though we build our community online, we also have a long-term goal of building a facility which professionals and teams can visit to get peer support in bringing their careers and projects to the next level. 

We would like to build the most beautiful house of all time – sustainable, spacious, and vibrant. A house in which the visiting professionals and teams feel catered, supported, and motivated, and where they can build bonds for life and foster unlimited creativity.

Ontology Of Value Screenshot-2022-03-05-at-12.01.15-1024x683 Mission and Vision

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Important: Natalia might invest her earnings but she never invests donations; it is too much responsibility to risk those funds. We put the funds aside and stack them for our future cause.

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