Individual Coaching Programs for Researchers In Transition to Industry

Why Us?

Do you have an employee who needs to reconceptualize their career path and look for new career options outside academia? Or perhaps, you aim to help your employee who currently experiences an identity crisis at work, or is going through burnout? 

We understand that the process of applying for jobs and landing a new position is only the final 20% of the effort. The first 80% of all the work, is to dig deep into yourself and figure out which door to knock at with your talents and personality.

Therefore, we offer the Individual Career Orientation Program for Researchers in Transition to Industry who have a strong commitment to finding a new job outside academia. 

What We Offer

The coaching program is prepared on an individual basis. We care about the client, and we always adjust the approach using the informational interview to meet the individual needs and plans of the client.

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