May 5th, 2022 | Hyphen Projects: Building Careers in Life Sciences Since 2004.

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What Is Hyphen Projects?

In this article, we would like to introduce a befriended company also operating from the Netherlands, Hyphen Projects.

“Hyphen Projects is a private company that, since 2004, designs, develops and organizes conferences, summits, career events and courses, both in-person and online, for the Life Sciences sector.”

This is how Hyphen Projects define themselves. “Life sciences” means any branch of science including lifelike biology, ecology, zoology, botany, et cetera. You might want to think of Hyphen Projects as TED talks for a more niche audience and more in-depth in the support of events. 

Hyphen Projects works hard to create and deliver presentations and programs that support talented professionals and enterprises supporting the growth of life sciences. They help the future leaders in biotech by providing valuable insights into the past present and future of the life sciences industry. They help also the future leaders to work on their professional development.

How Hyphen Projects Developed Over The Years.

Hyphen Projects have been around on the market for more than 10 years. During this time, over ten thousand professionals and hundreds of companies in the Dutch and Belgian life sciences sectors have benefitted through their programs, conferences, career events, training in searching white collar jobs and more. The company has developed a team for project management and marketing & communications, which greatly helps in translating goals into an event format. 

Today, they can help with multiple aspects of an event such as format and concept design, project & logistics management, website design and creation, marketing and promotion, financial management and invoicing, delegated administration and communication, program and speaker support, and sales and exhibition handling.

Hyphen Projects has organized many events including Leiden BioScience Congress, Finance for Growth, Global Scale-up Program, Connect for Impact, Food Valley Expo, Health Valley Event, and Lab Experience Days. If you would like to learn more about any of the events, please visit the services page on the Hyphen Projects’ website.

The List of Upcoming Hyphen Projects’ Events.

BioBusiness Course – Amsterdam or online, coming up every summer and every winter,

The winter course is a 3-day online experience, whereas the summer is an in-person camp. Also offered is CORE training which involves orientation to a career and professional development, the Grant application course which is a two-day intensive for scientists who need grant funding, and the TAP Biobusiness course which is a tutoring and mentoring program specifically for those in life science and health sectors.
More info.

BCF Career Event – BCF Netherlands 19 May 2022 – BCF Belgium 16 November 2022 – BCF Benelux 2023 (date to be announced)

BCF Career Event is the largest career event in Europe for highly educated people with a background in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Pharma, or Food.

More info.

GAINH Summit – Live streamed from Amsterdam 2022 TBD;

The summit will bring together the entire healthcare industry: policymakers, patients, providers, and researchers from all over the world who are dedicated to or involved in the development, evaluation, implementation, use, policy, or reimbursement of healthcare innovations.

More info.

TOPX Platform & Summit – May 25 2022 – June 16 2022;

TOPX is the platform for ambitious women in Life Sciences & Health seeking personal growth, development, and empowerment to reach their top as well as the top in the sector.

More info.

ABC Conference – April 21 2022;

Access Biotech China (ABC) is a new conference and partnering event focused on helping European biotech companies to access the Chinese Life Sciences & Health sector. The focus will not only be on accessing the market and entering partnering opportunities but also on getting access to the Chinese financial market and investors.

More info.

Innovation for Health – April 21 2022;

Innovation for Health is the leading conference in the Netherlands & Belgium for key players in Life Sciences & Health, such as innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. The next edition will focus on innovation for prevention and takes place on 21 April 2022 in WTC Rotterdam.

More info.

Global Investor Forum – April 21 2022;

The Global Investor Forum brings together investors and entrepreneurs in Life Sciences & Health during a 3-day event. The event is dedicated to European start-ups and scale-ups looking for funding and allows them to pitch their concept and business model to investors specialized in the Life Sciences sector.

More info.

Would You Like To Join the Hyphen Projects Team?

Would you like to join the Hyphen Projects team on their mission? If you have experience in and/or talent for digital marketing, program development, or event management, you are free to connect with the team to discuss the opportunities or send your open application to the team.

More info.

Last Words.

Overall, for the past decade, Hyphen Projects have been an instrumental group to help push forward the entire industry of life sciences in the Benelux countries. If you are interested in joining their events, please check the event calendar and events list regularly as it will be updated in the near future!

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