Guest Content

We offer the opportunity to publish original content on our blog.
Please find the terms and conditions below.

The Desired Scope of Content on Our Blog

We only accept articles written by humans and focused around:

  • Careers: career development, job market, applying for jobs, good employers, employer-employee relations.
  • Business development: startups, funding options, scaling, networking strategies, business mindset, VC culture.
  • Self-development: motivation, time-management, self-discovery, career planning, skill building, personal finance.

Our Publication Fees

  1. One inbound link with the “do-follow” link pointing to the client’s website placed in the text of blog article of choice: $40,
  2. Up to 3 inbound links with the “do-follow” link pointing to the client’s website placed in the text of up to 3 blog articles of choice: $60,
  3. Invited guest post (0-1,000 words): $100 (with no disclaimers such as “guest post” or “sponsored post” visible on the webpage),
  4. Invited guest post (>1,000 words): $120 (no disclaimers such as “guest post” or “sponsored post” visible on the webpage).

The Submission Requirements

We require the clients to give us permission to do the following in order to comply with our blog quality standards:

  • Perform a professional check of the quality and truthfulness of the written material and the linked/referenced sources,
  • Proofread,
  • Implement minor edits to the text (for instance, correct typos and grammatical errors).

.We also reserve the right to reject the article if the material:

  • Is beyond the scope of our blog (please check: “The Desired Scope of Content”),
  • Contains plagiarized content,
  • Is to a large extent or entirely written by AI.

Publication and Payment Terms

General Terms:

We publish content on our website permanently (with no recurring fees).

The client can but doesn’t need to list the name(s) of author(s) of the text under the article. We advise to do so, but it is not required.

Content is published within 5 business days from the moment of receiving the payment.

We reserve the right to:place banners of products and services offered by Ontology of Value® on the article page, including spaces between the subsequent sections of the text as well as link other articles on our blog on the same page.


The publication fee should be paid straight to our PayPal account at

Extra promotion options:

We also promote guest posts via our social media (an extra service that we offer for free):

  • LinkedIn (~1,800 followers),
  • Instagram (~6,700 followers),
  • Facebook (~480 followers).

Our Preferred Submission Template

We use WordPress on our website. 

If possible, we prefer to receive the content following the format given below (as it allows for SEO-optimized WordPress submission):

Article Title:

Release Date: 

Categories (choose up to 3 options from the list):
Aptitude Tests, 
Business Development,
For PhDs, 
For Undergraduates, 
Hot Professions, 
Job Applications and Interviews,
Job Market Analysis and Predictions, 
Management Tools and Strategies, 
Self-care & Mental Health, 
Self-management Tools and Strategies


Key Phrase:  

SEO Title (up to 65 chars): 

Meta Description (110-140 chars):


Cover Graphic (link to an image, preferably in 3:2 aspect ratio): 

Excerpt (1-paragraph summary of the article):

Key Takeaways (5-10 bullet points):

Body Text: