Career Orientation Workshops & Courses for PhDs in Transition to Industry

We offer career orientation courses at the graduate and postgraduate level. In our courses, we are focused on combining knowledge about the job market with self-discovery. We are practical, goal-oriented, and we always take an individual approach to our course participants. We conduct aptitude tests, exercises and give away homeworks prepared within Welcome Solutions that help our students determine which future career path is best for them.

Career Orientation Workshops & Courses for Undergraduates

We offer career orientation courses at the undergraduate level. Since most undergraduate students don’t have any major working experience just yet, they have less knowledge about themselves. Therefore, in the undergraduate courses, we put even more focus on self-discovery than in the courses that we offer for graduates.

Public Talks

The Owner and the man content creator on board, Dr. Natalia Bielczyk, is also a public speaker. She gives talks dedicated to self-navigation on the job market, careers for PhDs and Master’s graduates, and the process of adaptation to the new working culture and finding your identity in the job market.

Individual Coaching Programs/Sessions for Researchers in Transition to Industry

We offer the Individual Career Orientation Program for Researchers in Transition to Industry who have a strong commitment to finding a new job outside academia. The coaching program is prepared on an individual basis.

Aptitude Tests For Students

Do you wish to help your students in starting successful careers in the open job market? Our new The Ontology of ValueTM Test will help your students discover their profile as value-builders, and determine which tribes they fit best. It will also showcase their strengths and weaknesses as professionals, and provide career advice that will help them best utilize their natural potential.