The Ontology of ValueTM Career Transition Program

Are you looking for a major change in your professional life? Are you planning a career switch? Are you wondering which direction to go next? Are you searching for efficient tools to advance your career and become more competitive in the job market? Take part in our intensive online career transition program and bring your career to the next level!

The Ontology of ValueTM Video Course

We also offer our flagship career orientation course in a pre-recorded version on video! The video course contains the same lecture material as our online Career Transition Program - and you can learn at your own pace!

The Ontology of ValueTM Test

We have also built The Ontology of ValueTM Test that helps professionals and students self-navigate in the complex job market of today. The test will help you learn your natural profile as a value builder and discover the working environments that will resonate with you the most.

Career Coaching

We offer coaching services dedicated to industry professionals and researchers with a strong commitment to finding new career paths. The coaching program is composed on an individual basis.

Career Talks

We run our own YouTube channel dedicated to careers and the job market. We create educational materials and talk with researchers who successfully developed careers in industry and with career experts. We post recordings from these meetings on our YouTube channel. You can suggest your own guests!

Individual Job Hunt Assistance

We build innovative solutions for effective job hunting dedicated to professionals who want to build impact, and who value non-material qualities at work.
We understand that to enjoy your job and thrive as a professional, you need to find the role that best fits your natural potential, and join an environment that shares your values and beliefs, and gives you space to grow.
And, we will help you get there!


Our books help in self-navigating in the job market. If you consider different career paths and you are interested in self-development as a professional, check out this material!

Recommended Services

We also recommend coaching services and public talks other experts in field of career advisory.