Choose the Package That Best Suits Your Needs

4-Week Program🔥

In this plan, you will:
  • Learn your competitive advantage in the job market as a PhD,
  • Discover and discuss the real reasons why you consider leaving academia,
  • Build your professional identity,
  • Build a vision for your “dream job” & “dream lifestyle,”
  • Find out what is your competitive advantage in the job market, and where you should start your adventure,
  • Learn how to pitch and brand yourself,
  • Build a resume that fits the industry standards,
  • Learn to network and build social capital efficiently,
  • Learn how to pass job interviews with flying colors, and practice job interviews,
  • Create a personal plan of action and take active steps towards landing your new position.
279 EUR + VAT

6-Week Program🚀

In this plan, you will:
  • Get everything in the 4-Week Program,
  • Test your entrepreneurial mind,
  • Learn self-management techniques for life,
  • Learn how to self-navigate online like a pro,
  • Learn how to assess and predict the job market.
399 EUR + VAT


Next to live workshop, you can also book an additional, individual coaching package that includes:

➣ An individual follow-up online career consultancy session after the course with the course leader (2 hours),

➣ Professional editing of your job application documents: resume, application letter, LinkedIn profile.

189 149 EUR + VAT 

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Starting date: Thursday, 2nd June 2022 6 pm – 9 pm CEST (on every Thursday)

Starting date: Thursday, 1st September 2022 6 pm – 9 pm CEST (on every Thursday)