Common Mac Problems and How to Fix Them.

2024, March 28th,

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  • Working on a MacBook is so much fun.
  • The fast and smooth experience it provides makes you more productive.
  • It saves you time and a lot of effort, which has a direct impact on the level of productivity.

Working on a MacBook is so much fun. The fast and smooth experience it provides makes you more productive. It saves you time and a lot of effort which has a direct impact on the level of productivity. It’s common though to sometimes come across some technical problems that hinder your progress. You are left confused and in a state of worry, you either call a technician or look for support on Apple forums.

The good thing is that these common Mac issues can be fixed with simple DIY so you really don’t need to panic in such situations or look for support from outside. Knowing simple hacks can help you solve many Mac issues that do not require any technical expertise. Here are the most common MacBook issues and also expert ideas on how to troubleshoot Mac.

Accidentally deleted files or lost data

Accidental deletion or loss of important data is something that can leave anyone panicked. After all, data is the lifeline of our work on computers. On deletion, usually, the files end up in the Trash bin. Retrieving them is simple as you can go to the Trash bin and either drag them back to their original location or use the ‘Put Back’ option.

Time Machine backup is also a way of restoring lost data. You just need to go to the previous versions of your system and find what you want. If for some reason, all these methods fail, you should run the First Aid feature or maybe go for a data recovery software if the problem seems to be bigger.

File system error

Seeing a notification regarding a failure to mount file system error will lead to several other problems. One of the biggest issues is an error when you try to open DMG files like the software installers. You will see a notification showing the disk image couldn’t be opened. This simply means there is an issue with the disk and it might be fully corrupted. If the failed to mount file system issue is not fixed, you will not be able to install any software which causes unnecessary frustration and work delays. 

To resolve this Macintosh problem, it is important to check disk integrity using Disk Utility. You could also verify the integrity of the DMG file and ensure sufficient disk space. If you still see the DMG file not opening, further help from Apple might be needed.

MacOS not installing

Failure to carry out macOS installation successfully could be due to several factors. First, you need to see if the version is compatible with your Mac model and meets the minimum system requirements. If storage space is a problem, you need to free up disk space. There are two options for this – either you delete unnecessary files or use an external storage. If installation problems go on, try to erase and reinstall macOS using Disk Utility.

Mac running slow

A sluggish MacBook is the last thing you want to happen because whether it’s gaming or office work, we need our computers to be fast. To overcome this technical issue, you can force quitting unresponsive apps and monitor system activity through Activity Monitor. Take a look at the resource-heavy processes and close them. Also, a simple restart and update of macOS software is a known way to improve the Mac speed.

Ontology Of Value 5-common-mac-problems-and-how-to-fix-them-2 Common Mac Problems and How to Fix Them All Posts IT  productivity

Mac won’t turn on

If your Mac won’t turn on, the first thing to do is to check the power source. Make sure that the power adapter is in good shape. If it still doesn’t work, try a forced restart by holding down the power button for a few seconds. If the turn on problem persists, boot the MacBook in Safe Mode and check for any software conflicts. This is an important part of Mac maintenance.

Mac black screen

A black screen on a Mac display might look like a big problem to you but it is not. First, try to adjust the screen brightness. If it does not work, the next step is to check external display connections. If both these things fail, you should do a forced restart but if the issue persists, check for potential hardware or software issues.

MacBook stuck on Apple logo

If your MacBook is stuck on the Apple logo during startup, a forced restart or booting into Safe Mode can solve the problem. These methods diagnose and resolve underlying software issues that might be responsible for the boot problem.


These simple ideas will help you do Mac troubleshooting without any outside assistance. Since you spend a major part of the day working on computers, it is important to know about the common challenges you might come across. Instead of losing time and money on getting it fixed by a professional or discussing it with random people on forums, it’s best to solve these on your own. As you have seen, these are common and not necessarily the type of faults that need you to visit a store. This will keep your work going smoothly and provide you the confidence to tackle these on the spot.

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