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Coaching is the most efficient method to build a career.
But, we don’t follow a traditional approach to coaching.
We don’t limit ourselves to asking you the right questions!
We treat coaching as art.
Or, as a sport for a team of two.
We work in a team together with you.
We look together for the real bottlenecks in your career.
We propose innovative, out-of-the-box solutions.
Together, we can achieve a major progress in your career within a single career session! 


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Are you searching for a major change in your career?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the variety of possibilities in the job market?

Are you unsure which career to choose to best develop your potential?

Or perhaps, you don’t feel experienced enough when it comes to drafting application documents and presenting yourself in the job interviews?

Or maybe, you feel undervalued as a professional and you would like to finally claim your rights to top positions and receive acknowledgement for your work as you deserve?

You do not need to worry – we are here for you! We have built the Individual Online Career Orientation Program to help you find the right career path, find your tribe in the job market, and become an independent professional highly skilled in networking and self-navigation.

Our Approach To Career Coaching

Our coaching is tailor-made for ambitious professionals. In Ontology of Value, we understand that the process of applying for jobs and landing a new position is only the final 20% of the success. The first 80% of all the effort is to dig deep into yourself and figure out which door to knock on given your talents and personality.

Thus, our main goal is to help you find the best-suited career path for you. Then, we will give you training in self-navigation in the job market so that you can profit from this knowledge for your whole professional life.

We always take an individual approach! We are interested in YOU and your individual needs. Therefore, we start from learning about your background, expertise, values and personal goals. Then, we will help you formulate your next career goal and successfully get there! We will switch between the following activities:

  • Helping you find out where in the job market you fit best through aptitude tests and self-discovery exercises,
  • Helping you determine your core competencies,
  • Discussing the current bottlenecks in your job search process,
  • Editing your application documents: adjusting your resume to the industry standards and drafting motivation letters together,
  • Helping you prepare for the job interviews, including mockup job interviews,
  • Teaching you a range of powerful negotiations strategies,
  • Looking for job openings together and strategizing your job search,
  • Helping you build your professional network.

We always concentrate on doing whatever is the most efficient at the moment and leads to your ultimate career success!


Yes, you can achieve a major leap in your career by booking a single coaching session with us! The pricing for individual coaching sessions is as follows:

Book a Coaching Session With Us

59 EUR + VAT* for a one-hour session,

➣ 99 EUR + VAT* for a two-hour session (which can be split into two one-hour sessions upon request,

➣ 189 EUR + VAT* for the individual coaching package (a two-hour session + professional editing of your job application documents: resume, application letters, LinkedIn profile, any other profile or document of your choice).

* The pricing for these coaching sessions does not contain the access to the Ontology of Value Test – our in-house built tool that effectively helps professionals in self-orientation in the job market. You can book a coaching session packages together with the test here.

Please book your coaching session below! 

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Book Professional Review of Your Job Application Documents & Your Online Personal Branding Strategy

We also offer professional review of:

 Your job application documents: your resume and cover letters,

 Your personal online branding strategy, including all your social media profiles, from LinkedIn through Instagram to your personal webpage.

You can order this service below. After subscription and payment, you will receive an onboarding form where you can submit your documents and links to your social media profiles. We will deliver the order within 5 business days from the moment of receiving your payment and your documents/profiles. 

The pricing for our professional editing services is as follows:

 ➣ 49 EUR + VAT for professional review of one document or profile (resume or cover letter or LinkedIn profile or personal website). 

Please order HERE,

99 EUR + VAT for professional review of a set of 3 application documents and/or social media profiles of your choice (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, personal website, any other personal professional profile).

Please order HERE.

189 EUR + VAT for professional review of your resume, cover letter, and your whole online personal branding strategy, including all your social media accounts

Please order HERE.

Looking For a Long-Lasting Individual Career-Guidance?

Perhaps, you need a career “guardian angel” – someone to work with on a regular basis?

A personal career coach who is always under the phone?

Or, you feel that you need multiple meetings spanned over a period of a few weeks to put your career in the next level?

We offer Individual Career Coaching Program for professionals exactly like you!

Are you interested in our online Individual Career Coaching Program?
Please contact us and let's talk about your individual needs!

Looking For a Group Career Training Instead?

Don't Be Alone With Your Career Plans!
We Are Here To Help.

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