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Coaching is the most efficient method to build a career.
But, we don’t follow a traditional approach to coaching.
We don’t limit ourselves to asking you the right questions!
We treat coaching as art.
Or, as a sport for a team of two.
We work in a team together with you. 
We have broad experience in the area of career building for PhD candidates and graduates.
We look together for the real bottlenecks in your career.
We propose innovative, out-of-the-box solutions.
Together, we can achieve a major progress in your career even after a single career coaching session!
Don’t be alone with your career development.
We are here to help!


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Book Your Career Coaching Session With Us

Book a coaching session or coaching package:


One-hour individual coaching session


Two hours of individual coaching (which can be split into two one-hour sessions upon request)


Two hours of individual coaching (which can be split into two one-hour sessions upon request)
+ Professional editing of up to 3 professional profiles or application documents: resume, application letters, LinkedIn profile, any other profile or document of your choice

* The pricing for these coaching services does not contain the access to the Ontology of Value® Test: our in-house built tool that effectively helps professionals in self-orientation in the job market. You can book the access to the test or a coaching session packages together with the test here.

Book Professional Review of Your Job Application Documents & Online Personal Branding Strategy With Us

We also offer a professional review of:

 Your job application documents: your resume and cover letters,

 Your personal online branding strategy, including all your social media profiles, from LinkedIn through Instagram to your personal webpage.

You can order this service below. We will deliver the order within 5 business days from the moment of receiving your payment and your documents/profiles.

Order your professional review:


Professional Review of One Application Document Or Professional Profile


Professional Review of Three Application Documents Or Professional Profiles


Professional Review Package: Review of Three Application Documents Or Professional Profiles + Five Social Media Profiles

Are You Looking For a Multi-Session Coaching?
Our Individual Coaching Programs For Researchers

Online Career Orientation Coaching Program for Researchers in Transition to Industry

Are you a researcher thinking of launching a brand new career in industry? Do you feel overwhelmed by the variety of possibilities in the job market? Are you unsure which career to choose to best develop your potential? Or perhaps, you don’t feel experienced enough when it comes to drafting application documents and presenting yourself in the job interviews?

You do not need to worry – we are here for you! We have built the Individual Online Career Orientation Program for Researchers in Transition to Industry to help you find the right career path, find your tribe in the job market, and become an independent professional highly skilled in networking and self-navigation.

Our Approach

Our coaching services for PhDs are tailor-made for ambitious professionals with academic education. In Ontology of Value, we understand that the process of applying for jobs and landing a new position is only the final 20% of the success. The first 80% of all the effort is to dig deep into yourself and figure out which door to knock on given your talents and personality. Thus, the main goal of our coaching program is to help you find the best-suited career path for you. Then, we will give you training in self-navigation in the job market so that you can profit from this knowledge for your whole professional life.

Therefore, we start from an informational interview to learn about your background, expertise, values and personal goals. Then, we prepare the preliminary individual coaching plan, and readjust the strategy in the process to fit the address your situation on the fly. We will switch between the following activities:

  • Helping you find out where in the job market you fit best through aptitude tests and self-discovery exercises,
  • Helping you determine your core competencies,
  • Editing your application documents: adjusting your resume to the industry standards and drafting motivation letters together,
  • Helping you prepare for the job interviews,
  • Teaching you a range of powerful negotiations strategies,
  • Looking for job openings together and strategizing your job search,
  • Discussing the current bottlenecks in your job search process,
  • Building your professional network.

We always concentrate on doing whatever is the most efficient at the moment and leads to your ultimate success!

Learn more about our program:

Online Coaching Program in Business Development for Researchers

Are you a researcher planning to launch their first business – either as a sole proprietor or a co-founder? Are you looking for ways to commercialize a prototype of a new product? Are you looking for professional assistance in building the business plan, building your team, and launching your project to the market?

We prepared the Coaching Program in Business Development for Researchers. The program is open to individual researchers planning their first businesses as well as teams. Currently, our program runs online. We prepare the coaching plan on an individual basis based on the informational interview.

Our Approach

Academic education gives an edge in business when conducting complex projects, designing new products that involve intellectual property, and building viable roadmaps. However, as academics, we might need assistance in building teams, pitching, networking, and marketing in business. In Ontology of Value, we understand the scope of core competencies that researchers represent and the pitfalls of doing business as an academic.

Therefore, our coaching services for PhDs are crafted for professionals with academic education. We always launch the program by arranging an informational interview to learn about your background, expertise, values, personal goals, and business idea. Then, we prepare the preliminary coaching plan.

In our coaching program, we cover the following modules:

  • The unique value proposition + analysis of the market,
  • Your Intellectual Property,
  • The legal structure of the company and the team analysis,
  • Pitching the company,
  • Searching for the optimal funding scheme,
  • Building a brand and the circle of influence,
  • Building a viable roadmap,
  • Developing a marketing strategy,
  • We always tailor the coaching program to your needs, to help you find your edge in the market and successfully launch your project to market.

Learn more about our program:

Are You Looking For a Group Career Training?

We also recommend our signature Ontology of Value® Career Mastery Program. This unique, intensive career building program will greatly help you in advancing your career development!

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Govind Pai, PhD

I have known Dr. Natalia Bielczyk since August 2020. Natalia is a qualified computational and cognitive neuroscientist, a forthright communicator with entrepreneurial talent and the drive to support her clients in making their vision a reality.

Her approach to coaching is bold, and one-of-a-kind. Her workshops are well-structured, insightful and engaging. The program comprehensively lays out the various career paths available to clients and participants from diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

Natalia is meticulous and perceptive to individual personality traits as well as the professional and workplace environment needs that best suit her clients. She is keen on putting in place a flexible and tailored approach for her clients. She excels in coaching doctoral candidates and PhD holders in particular, who often find the task of navigating through the job market with their niche domain knowledge daunting. As one of the early participants in the program, I have witnessed progressive refinement in both her coaching strategies as well as her workshop curriculum. Natalia’s never-say-no-to-be-of-assistance attitude makes her a facilitator for young talent on their path to self-discovery to foster both personal and professional success. Ontology of Value embodies this spirit of a life-long endeavor to become the best version of oneself and Natalia’s personal success is an inspiration for young entrepreneurial aspirants such as myself.

Laerke Krohne, PhD candidate 

The career coaching I had with Natalia was extremely enlightening both with regards to my options on the job market, as well as my personal preferences, needs and wishes. 

I had chosen the “Ontology of Value Test” for Industry professionals, followed by a one hour coaching session. I cannot believe how much we managed to cover within one session. The results from the test helped me to navigate and clarify my questions already prior to the coaching. Natalia was very well prepared for our coaching session (based on both my test results and resume), such that we could start straight away with digging deeper into some of the topics that hold me back, and what concrete steps I can take to move my career forward while keeping true to myself and my priorities. After the coaching, I had a clear idea about my next steps, and furthermore Natalia has provided me with a lot of concrete feedback and inspiration for the more practical aspects, such as updating my CV and LinkedIn profile.

Leo Tiokhin, PhD

I met Natalia at the end of my Postdoc contract. I knew that I wanted to leave academia but had no idea where to begin, what my competencies were, or for which types of jobs I’d be a good fit. Natalia was extremely helpful and generous with her time. Her guidance helped me to narrow down the path that I wanted to take and to feel confident that I could have a successful career outside of academia.

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