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Why Us?

Do you have an employee in whom you see great potential, but you have hard time building a firm working relationship with this person?

Or perhaps, you have a remote team which needs help in learning each others strengths and weaknesses and working out an optimal working scheme?

We developed our own coaching system, Ontology of Value®, which focuses on discovering the natural ways in which professionals produce value and helping them choose team roles that help them perform in an optimal way.

We understand how difficult and energy-consuming the process of accommodating a new employee is, and we come up with solutions to such complex situations. The employees often don’t realize how difficult it is to develop and run a company, and how little degrees of freedom their manager might have. Managers often don’t notice the individuality, hidden potential, and unspoken ambitions in their employees, and that often leads to broken relationships and as a result, terminating contracts way too early.

Furthermore, today, many employees experience hardship at managing their stress levels, keeping life balance and taking care of their mental health. They cannot properly self-manage while working from home, or their overall motivation to work drops thanks to isolation. These problems are often not spoken about and affect the whole team due to a ripple effect.

Thus, we have developed two online coaching programs for companies to address two pivotal issues that arise between employers and employees in companies today.

Our Approach

We don’t have a traditional approach to coaching–we don’t limit ourselves to asking the right questions! We also propose solutions.
The overarching goal of our coaching programs is to bring employers and employees closer together. We make sure that the employer and the employee understand and value each other, understand each other’s motivations, trust each other, and work on the same goals. Confidentiality and finding synergy are our top priorities.

Our Coaching Programs For Business

Let’s Start Together!

Individual Online Coaching Track

Do you have a new employee who transitioned to your company from a different working environment and has a hard time adapting to the company culture? Who doesn’t feel fulfilled in their job or has difficulties with developing synergistic cooperation with other team members?

We understand that hard skills and CV account for only 20% of professional success in most working environments. The remaining 80% is to find a common tongue with professionals working with you, find a purpose in what you do, and actively work on reviving your enthusiasm for what you do every single day.

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Let’s Grow Together!

Group Coaching Program For Online Teams

Do you have an employee who has been working in the company for a considerable amount of time, and goes through an identity crisis within the company? Do you feel that you might potentially lose this person?

We are conscious about the fact that with employers and employees, it is often the same as with old marriages–at some point, they no longer notice how much they care about each other, and they take the perks of marriage for granted. We aim to revive the “First Day of Work” excitement in any employee!

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