Self-Care in Career Development

Extensive advice on self-care in career development. Mental health and balance are crucial to developing a successful career!

will your boss make you happy? salary versus wealth

Will Your Boss Ever Make You Happy? On Salary Versus Wealth and Personal Finances

Many believe that a high salary is the key to success in terms of building wealth. Although it obviously correlates with wealth, it is not the key factor that leads to accumulating wealth by individuals. In this article, we will debunk this myth and discuss the difference between salary and wealth.

WEF - You will own nothing - the great reset

The Great Reset: Should You Be Worried, and Which Career Development Strategies Will Work Best In the Near Future?

In the past few months, the phrase “You will own nothing. You will be happy” that appeared in the video ad of the World Economic Forum made the headlines and has electrified global opinion. But what does this phrase even mean? Has Orwell’s vision of a totalitarian society come to life?