Job Market Analysis and Predictions

These articles contain broader job market analysis and job market predictions for the next decade.

metaverse impact on economy and job market

What Is Metaverse And How Will It Influence The Economy?

In the past few months, the concept of Metaverse came to the spotlight as the next stage of the evolution of the world wide web. But, what is Metaverse? Is what Russell Brand once called “the colonization of consciousness” even good for humanity? How can it affect the economy and the job market of the future? Is this a game changer, or perhaps, is it yet another buzzword that will result in a wave of speculative projects resembling the dot-com bubble from two decades ago?

non-fungible tokens

What Are Non-Fungible Tokens and What Do They Tell Us About The Today’s Job Market?

What are non-fungible tokens, and what do they tell us about the condition of the today’s job market? Although NFTs have existed for the past few years, they came to the spotlight earlier this year. What does “NFT” even mean and why it won the attention of (young) audiences around the globe?

WEF - You will own nothing - the great reset

The Great Reset: Should You Be Worried, and Which Career Development Strategies Will Work Best In the Near Future?

In the past few months, the phrase “You will own nothing. You will be happy” that appeared in the video ad of the World Economic Forum made the headlines and has electrified global opinion. But what does this phrase even mean? Has Orwell’s vision of a totalitarian society come to life?

career in data science 5 steps to success

5 Steps To Build a Career in Data Science and Land Top Science Jobs in 2021-2022

Is there still enough room to build a carer in data science from scratch now in 2021? Yes. But now, after the pandemic, the rules of the game have changed. Today, to become successful in data science, you need to step up your game. This article lists five steps to take at the start to guarantee long-term success in this field for yourself!

odyssey model - value in society - 3-to-2

3 Steps To Find Your Edge in the Job Market: On The Ontology of Value Model

There are, in fact, two currencies floating in the job market: value and money. The job market is a complex ecosystem in which value flows through society like water across the globe. To find the sweet spot in the job market where you will best develop yourself, you need to figure out where and how you can produce the most value.

white collar jobs in digital marketing

White Collar Jobs in Digital Marketing: Hot or Not? On 5 Biggest Myths around Digital Marketing

In the pandemic, businesses had to rapidly move almost all their operations online. It increased the influence of online means of communication and sales. This also resulted in an increased the amount of white collar jobs in Digital Marketing, and an increased interest in choosing this career path. Yet due to several myths and stereotypes, this profession is still rarely considered as a career of choice by most university graduates.