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Barnum's Effect in Job Applications

The Barnum Effect In Job Applications: How It Can Make Your Career Development Hard and How To Tackle It.

The Barnum’s Effect, also known as the Forer’s effect, can be your silent enemy when it comes to applying for jobs. It can distort your perception of job applications and make the job search way harder for you. In this article, you can learn what this means and how you can prevent yourself from its detrimental consequences on your career.

mental health problems in the job interview

Should You Mention Your Mental Health Problems in the Job Interview? Job Interview Tips For The Hard Times

No doubt that mental health has become issue number one in today’s job market, especially after the breakout of the corona crisis. The percentage of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety disorder and or depressive disorder jumped from 11% in the first half of 2019 to 41.1% in January 2021. Recruiters follow the trends and obviously, they are conscious about the fact that as much as half of the job candidates can have mental health issues.

However, does this mean that it is ok to mention that you suffer from mental health issues during the job interview?

perfect CV - is Marissa Mater a good role model to follow?

Perfect CV and Why It Is NOT Perfect For You: Marissa Mayer’s Story

Some time ago, in the recent history of the recruitment industry, a discussion upon the CV of Marissa Mayer flared up. Back then, she was the CEO and the President of Yahoo! And a former executive, usability leader, and key spokeswoman for Google. To some, her resume was impeccable and became an inspiration for millions of professionals active in the job market. To others, it lacked strategy and structure. What is the truth?

Job Interview Preparation How Can Cognitive Science Help You in Your Career Management

Job Interview Preparation: How Can Cognitive Science Help You in Your Career Management?

While applying for jobs, we typically focus on our objectives: how do we determine which position is suitable for us and suits our long-term career plans, and how do we land the job? One important aspect of your job interview preparation is to become aware of the cognitive biases that might appear in the process – both on your side and on the side of the hiring manager. We are only humans after all!

Subverting Expectations In Career Management: Recruiters On Hiring Employees For White Collar Jobs

Subverting Expectations In Career Management: Recruiters On Hiring Employees For White Collar Jobs

And you probably recall this situation very well: there is an exciting new opening in a company that has always been high in your private ranking of dream employers. The scope of duties sounds exciting, and the geographical location is just perfect. There is only one problem: the list of job requirements is long, detailed, and exceeds what can be found in your resume.

But wait! Have you ever wondered how the recruiters treat applicants who don’t fit all the criteria yet still, decide to apply? Perhaps, they occasionally take a punt? And, they give a chance to a person who doesn’t hit all the marks listed in the official job offer?