Career Development Strategies E074 Chris Hartgerink On How To Build an Organization as a Researcher and Make Science Truly Open

July 30th 2022

Dr Chris Hartgerink is a meta-researcher with a broad interest in how the systems we operate affect the decisions we are able to make, shifting the balance of responsibility from the individual to the system they’re in. In 2020, he defended his PhD thesis entitled “Contributions towards understanding and building sustainable science” from Tilburg University.

Integrating meta-research, sociology, and economics, he’s now building an organization, Liberate Science, an organization that — just as the name suggests — aims to liberate (research) workers by bringing democracy and equality to academia.

Within Liberate Science, he is also building Research Equals, a platform that allows for the more efficient open-access submission of scientific research. At Research Equals, you can submit and mint an identifier not only for research manuscripts, but also for other objects such as figures, text, data, or pieces of code.

He has received funding from non-academic sources, such as the Mozilla Foundation and the Shuttleworth Foundation, for pursuing these projects.

Chris has actively chosen to leave academic institutions behind, because from his perspective, fundamentally changing the system can only truly happen from the outside (more about why he thinks that, here).

Chris’ Contact Information:

Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/chartgerink/

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-hartgerink-b1b908196/

Liberate Science’s Contact Information:


Research Equals’ Contact Information:


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