Career Development Strategies E073 How To Be a Rockstar In Web3? How To Get Viral?

July 20th 2022

Cosmin Gafta is a 21-year-old, self-describing as an “all-out web3 fanatic, halfway between blockchain and music.” Cosmin is the founder of Puppeteers, an upcoming creative project aiming to create the first virtual music artist to be featured in the Billboard top 100.

He is also a core team member at W3b Lab Community, building towards becoming a Layer 1 web3 event organization (functioning as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

To learn more about Cosmin’s activities and join Puppeteers, please jump onto the project website: puppeteers.io, fill in the form, and help Cosmin and the team create a collective definition for being a ROCKSTAR! Once you share your definition of a ROCKSTAR, a surprise awaits you! 

Cosmin’s Contact Information:

Puppeteers webpage: https://puppeteers.io

Cosmin’s Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/iamMEANiX

Cosmin’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cosmin-gafta-5867ab181/

Web3 Lab Community Contact Information:

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/w3b-lab-community/

Webpage: https://www.w3blab.io/

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