Sep 14th 2021 | Career Development Strategies E069 Is Marissa Mayer's Resume Perfect? Should You Use Her Template For Your Job Applications?

Some time ago, in the recent history of the recruitment industry, a discussion upon the CV of Marissa Mayer flared up. Back then, she was the CEO and the President of Yahoo! And a former executive, usability leader, and key spokeswoman for Google. At some point, Marissa publicized her resume in 2016, which was soon critically assessed in public by a number of experts in the recruitment industry (starring Rosa Elisabeth Vergas and Bruce M. Anderson). To some, her resume was impeccable and became an inspiration for millions of professionals active in the job market. To others, it lacked strategy and structure, and could never become a part of a viable professional development strategy.
The template of Mayer’s CV was soon copied and adopted by millions of job seekers around the globe, who made this pitch a part of their profession development plan.

However, what is the truth about this CV? If you copy the template, will you skyrocket your career and land jobs in a blink of an eye? Or perhaps, it’s quite the opposite: your application will get drowned in the pile of other applications and become invisible in the job market?

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