Sep 6th 2021 | Career Development Strategies E068 Bloopers! Career Advisors on Their Own Lessons from Job Interviews

Perhaps the best career advisors are those who made the most mistakes in their own careers and learned the most from these mistakes! In this episode, we talk with Vera Chan, PhD, Vicky Sherwood, PhD, and David Mendes, PhD, about our own career bloopers — the mistakes we made and what we learned from them.

Dr. Vera Chan decided to transition into a non-academic role, and she is still undergoing the process of job-seeking as a foreigner living in France. I am happy that she is open to sharing with us about this vulnerable moment, the less glamorous side of life-after-PhD that not many people are willing to talk about. Vera also hosts the PhD Coffee Time Youtube channel, where she shares her insights and advice covering all aspects of life as a graduate researcher.

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Dr. Vicky Sherwood holds a PhD in Biosciences from the University of Nottingham, UK. Since January 2018, Vicky has published her own blog, BiomedBadass, revealing insights into the career transitions from research scientist to industry professional. The aim of the blog is to help researchers answer some of the challenging questions they face when considering an industry career. Questions such as; “What skills do I have that are useful in industry?”, “How does the work culture differ compared to academia?”, “Will I enjoy working in a company compared to academia?” and “What kind of opportunities are available to me?” to name a few. In this endeavor, she hopes this resource can provide much needed support for career planning by STEM researchers.

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Dr. David Mendes completed his PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Coimbra (based on his research at McGill University). Since then, he has spent 9 years building his career in the medical communication and language services industry. After his PhD, he worked for 4 years as a Medical Writer in a medical communication agency, creating content for pharmaceutical sales training materials covering a wide range of therapeutic areas. David has since started his own business offering translation, revision, and connected services in the biomedical domain. Now a father of two, he is interested in exploring the different ways people have juggled professional and personal life after completing their PhD. To the wide audience, he is known as Papa PhD, the host of the Papa PhD Podcast.

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The material was recorded on September 4th 20201. All the statements represent the speakers’ private opinions and not those of their current or former employers.


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