Dec 6, 2020 | E033 The Blockchain World Needs PhDs! From Biotechnology to Bitcoin Wallet Recovery

Niels Zondervan is the founder and owner of the company Wallet Recovery NL. Niels is a scientist and an entrepreneur with a background in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. During his four years as PhD student, Niels worked at the department of Systems & Synthetic Biology at Wageningen University. His research focused on pathogenic bacteria such as M. tuberculosis, M. pneumonia as well as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus species. These bacteria were studied using integration of multi-omics data, dynamic modelling, and genome scale modelling (GEM). After spending four-year in academia, Niels decided to switch career path from academia to entrepreneurship to find a better balance between his professional and family life.

In 2019 he founded his consultancy company, Wallet Recovery NL ( which provides:recovery services for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchain forensics services, and expert advice to crypto and blockchain related projects. In his free time Niels likes to be involved in boards, discussion groups, crypto projects, practice parkour, martial arts, play the piano and travel the world.

Niels’s company Wallet Recovery NL:🔥 (open for collaboration both with national and international clients)

Niels’s LinkedIn profile:

Bitcoin Wednesday Conference:

Free course on blockchain (in English and Dutch):

Blockbar Den Hague, weekly meetings:

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