Oct 14, 2020 | E024 How to Launch a Career in Freelance Translation Services in Biomedical Industry as a Phd?

Dr. David Mendes completed his PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Coimbra (based on his research at McGill University). Since then, he has spent 9 years building his career in the medical communication and language services industry.

After his PhD, he worked for 4 years as a Medical Writer in a medical communication agency, creating content for pharmaceutical sales training materials covering a wide range of therapeutic areas. David has since started his own business offering translation, revision, and connected services in the biomedical domain. Now a father of two, he is interested in exploring the different ways people have juggled professional and personal life after completing their PhD. To the wide audience, he is known as Papa PhD, the host of the Papa PhD Podcast.

David’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmendesdasilva/

Papa PhD Podcast: https://papaphd.com/🔥

Papa PhD Podcast’s Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/PapaPhDPodcast/

The episode was recorded on October 10th, 2020. This material represents the speaker’s personal views and not the views of their current or former employer(s).


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