Jul 19, 2020 | E012 How To Become a Life Coach PhD? How To Deal With Pains and Struggles While Leaving Academia?

Dr. Alessandro Montalto holds a PhD degree in Statistical Data Analysis applied to neuroscience awarded by the University of Gent, Belgium. Before his PhD program, he completed his Master’s degree in Physics at University of Federico II in Naples, Italy. During his PhD, he developed a Matlab toolbox called MuTE to detect directed dynamical links among brain regions. After the successful project in Gent, Alessandro moved to Sydney for a Postdoc project dedicated to complex systems. A few months into the project, he was hit by an overwhelming epiphany: he was pursuing an unfulfilling life, and the academic path wasn’t for him. He went through a tough time during which he came out of burnout and depression. 

Alessandro then decided to quit academia and start doing what he really loves: connecting, sharing, and helping. Thus, he went through an inner journey that led him to a certification in life coaching. Alessandro envisions his life as a promoter and a facilitator of change. That’s why, after 15+ years of working remotely, Alessandro now helps other fellow remote workers create the most burnout-free and fulfilling remote work experience by sharing his own life journey in combination with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) coaching tools. Furthermore, Alessandro freelances as a marketing consultant to help companies engage with their clients in a more human and team-oriented fashion. In this episode, Alessandro told us about his long and painful transition beyond academia, his personal strategies to deal with pain, and about his approach as a Life Coach. He also explained how to become a Life Coach, and which qualities you need in this profession. 

Alessandro’s website: https://alemontalto.com/ 

Alessandro’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alessandro-montalto-phd-12494747/

Please contact Alessandro if you need some advice with respect to: (1) Life coaching, (2) Help with remote work, (3) Introducing more modern, human- and relation-oriented marketing practices in your team. 

The episode was recorded on July 26th, 2020. This material represents the speaker’s personal views and not the views of their employer(s).

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