Jul 19, 2020 | E011 How Does the Recruitment Process in Biomedical Companies Look? What Recruiters Value in PhDs

Dr. Patrick Britz holds a PhD degree in Biopsychology and worked on combining EEG and fMRI as well as on the interaction of emotion and attention. During his Ph.D., he started working for Brain Products GmbH as a Scientific Consultant and was offered to go to North America to work for Brain Vision LLC. From beginning as a Scientific Consultant, Patrick soon took over more responsibilities and in 2013-2019, was the President of Brain Vision LLC and in 2017-2019 was the President of Brain Vision Solutions Inc. in Canada. Brain Vision LLC provides solutions to the leading institutes, minds, and companies in North America to drive the most innovative research, as the distribution partner for companies of all sizes from academic startup companies to multinational concerns including Brain Products, NIRx, CGX (Cognionics), EasyCap, and CREmedical to name a few.

Since December 2019, Patrick works as the General Manager at NIRx GmbH in Berlin, an international company that provides life science comprehensive technology solutions for the most demanding investigative applications. NIRx GmbH offers a range of products based on multi-distance spectroscopic measurements. Patrick’s role is to drive innovation so that NIRx GmbH can offer the solutions that you – as a customer – want to use in the future. Patrick perfected the art of predicting where the science will go next!

In this webinar, Patrick spilled some beans about the principles of the recruitment process. He acquired this knowledge in the times when he was working as a CEO and President of Brain Vision LLC and he used to review over 200 job applications (mostly, coming from researchers) a year.

Patrick’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-britz-phd-6a526116/

Please contact Patrick if you need some advice with respect to:
(1) Recent developments in the field of NIRx and opportunities for working in this space,
(2) Good practices in recruitment,
(3) Dos and don’ts in the job application process.

The episode was recorded on July 19th, 2020. This material represents the speaker’s personal views and not the views of their employer(s).


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