Aptitude Tests for Professionals

Do you actively help your employees excel at work? Or perhaps, you are now looking for a new employee that would fit your team?
Our new aptitude test for professionals, The Ontology of ValueTM Test, is a tool created by combining Alfred Adler’s theory of human motivation, psychometric techniques, and machine learning, and will help your employees find their edge and thrive as professionals.

Coaching Services

Do you have a new employee who experiences issues with adapting to the new working culture and to the new expectations? Or perhaps, you are building integrity in a new, fully remote, international team?
We are experts in cross-cultural team management! We offer novel coaching programs that will make your employees and teams foster passion and achieve synergy and integrity at work.

International Talent Agency

Are you searching for a unique talent — a professional with a bright analytic mind who is also skilled in conceptualizing and leading projects? We offer a novel recruitment solution dedicated to highly-qualified workforce that maximizes the chances for a obtaining perfect fit between the employer and employee. Please contact us to find out more!

Online Career Fair

Would you like to put yourself on the map as a good employer? Open your doors and show the faces behind your company to your potential employees! Present your headquarters and your team, explain your vision, and introduce the company culture.
Now you can promote online - at the avenue where your promotional material can stay for unlimited amount of time and can go viral!