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Business consultancy & mentoring is the most efficient method to build a business.
But, we don’t follow a traditional approach to coaching.
We don’t limit ourselves to asking you the right questions!
We treat coaching as art.
Or, as a sport for a team of two.
We work in a team together with you.
We look together for the real bottlenecks in your business.
We propose innovative, out-of-the-box solutions.
Together, we can achieve a major progress in your business even after a single career coaching session! 


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Our Approach To Business Consultancy

Our business consultancy services are built for small businesses, and especially, bootstrappers who  

We always take an individual approach! We are interested in YOU and your individual needs. Therefore, we start from learning about your background, expertise, and personal goals. Then, we will help you formulate your goals and successfully get there!


Book Your Business Consultancy Session With Us

It is possible to book a single business consultancy session or a business consultancy package with us:

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One-hour business consultancy session
110 EUR + VAT
Ontology Of Value Two-Hours-of-Individual-Coaching-1024x726 Business Consultancy Services
Two hours of business consultancy (which can be split into two one-hour sessions upon request)
199 EUR + VAT
Ontology Of Value Coaching-Package-1024x726 Business Consultancy Services
Coaching Package:
➣ Two hours of individual business consultancy (which can be split into two one-hour sessions upon request),
➣ Professional review of your business plan
299 EUR + VAT

Please book your coaching session below! 

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* The pricing for these consultancy sessions does not contain the access to the Ontology of Value® Test – our in-house built tool that effectively helps professionals in self-orientation in the job market. You can book the access to the test or a coaching session packages together with the test here.

Book Professional Review of Business Plan
& Online Branding Strategy With Us

We also offer a professional review of your business plan.

We will deliver the order within 5 business days from the moment of receiving your payment and your documents.

Please order your professional review below!

Professional Review of Business Plan
199 EUR + VAT 
Professional Review Package:
Professional Review of Business Plan + Up To 5 Social Media Profiles
299 EUR + VAT

Don't Be Alone With Your Career Plans!
We Are Here To Help.

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