What Is out There For Me? Fig. 3

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Bielczyk, N. (2020). What Is out There For Me? The Landscape of Post-PhD Career Tracks (2nd Edition). Ontology of Value. ISBN: 9789083057910.

Ontology Of Value Bielczyk2020-What-Is-out-There-For-Me-Fig3 What Is out There For Me? Fig. 3

Figure 3 The tribes of today. 

A: The dynamic landscape, presenting the evolution of personal freedom and working stability over time in various tribes in the job market that PhDs often choose to join. 

Jobs in the public organizations offer the most static and stable but the least flexible careers. On the other hand, jobs that involve setting a business are on the other end of the spectrum. This dynamic landscape represents the ideal trajectories, and thus, the optimistic scenario. Reprint adapted from Bielczyk & Bonet-Carne (2020).

B: The static, simplified landscape that takes into account the probabilities of success, thus, it is the more realistic case. Academic careers are towards the right-hand side in this landscape—yet still, some jobs offer an even higher degree of personal freedom and lower stability. It is a simplified landscape as every company and every institution has its own culture. This landscape could also slightly vary between countries.

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