Aptitude Tests by Welcome Solutions
The following five aptitude tests were developed within Welcome Solutions (all rights reserved) with the purpose to help PhD graduates and other professionals with academic education to find the right working environment for themselves on the open job market.

The tests were created in collaboration with professionals who are very successful in their current working environment and helped in constructing the questions for the associated tests. The tests were further normalized on the representative group of professionals in all age groups, working in various working environments.

Would you survive in a corporation?

1. If someone ignores your requests at work:
2. Which of the following statements fits you best?
3. What extra effort would you be willing to pay in order to get praised in front of all your coworkers?
4. You believe that people who are most successful, are usually the people who are:
5. When you are proposing a new project:
6. What is your attitude to meetings at work?
7. How would you stand a boss who is clearly incompetent?
8. The annual Day Out organized by the company is:
9. What is your attitude to procedures?
10. What is your general attitude towards your job?

Is startup life for you?

1. Projects are piling up on your desk. The product launch is coming. It is hard to squeeze in all the tasks within a regular, 8-hour long working day… What are you going to do?
2. For you, the future in your professional life is:
3. A client is knocking on the door of your office as he cannot find your boss. What do you do?
4. Whenever working in a team, I prefer to…:
5. What do you think about the dress code at work?
6. How do you usually treat your boss?
7. You believe that very successful entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, or Mark Zuckerberg are:
8. How would you feel about the fact that the company you are working for, will probably not be on the market anymore in three years from now?
9. Imagine a team which gets very successful with their product on the job market. Who should profit from this success the most?
10. How do you feel about celebrating success at work?

Is freelancing an option for you?

1. I prefer to work from:
2. I am:
3. When I have a boss:
4. I like it when:
5. My dream working style is:
6. When I am alone at work, I feel:
7. I believe that I am:
8. My attitude to taking breaks and vacations is:
9. I am:
10. My control over my personal finances is:
11. When I work in a team with a toxic or very incompetent person:
12. Among the following qualities, the quality most important to me is:
13. When I need to face a few important deadlines in a short time:
14. When I do a project for someone else, it is the most rewarding aspect for me to see:
15. My daily life at work is usually:

Are you entrepreneurial?


Would you get far in academia?

1. Signing with my name under my projects:
2. Learning new things at work:
3. Bureaucracy and attending administrative meetings is:
4. When I hear anonymous critics of my work:
5. When I suddenly ask myself an interesting research question:
6. I believe that academia is a place where, in order to get the faculty position, you should:
7. When I am in contact with a person who is very frustrated, sad or angry at work:
8. At work, the people I appreciate the most are the people who are:
9. For me, the boundary between professional and private life is:
10. What I cherish the most in academic life is: