The New Aptitude Test That Helps Employees Find Their Edge as Value-Builders

Would you like to help your employees excel at work?
Do you seek tools to assist team leaders in your company?
Or perhaps, you are looking for a new employee that would fit the working culture in your company?

The Ontology of Value® Test Will:

  • Help your employees develop their natural potential and stimulate their motivation by assigning them tasks in which they can prove and distinguish themselves, so that they come to work with a smile,
  •  Help your employees build their careers so that they systematically build their portfolio of skills and experiences, and become world-class specialists in their fields, so that they remember working for you as key to their success,
  •  Provide the leaders in your company with effective tools so that they better understand the motivations of their employees, they can manage their employees more efficiently, and build trust and synergy in their teams.
  •  By increasing the mutual understanding of individual motivations, it will help increase trust and integrity in your team, and building a long-lasting bond between employees and the company,
  •  Allow to assign employees to tasks that best suit their individual talents, which translates into Increased efficiency in your team,
  •  Increase you knowledge of the organizational culture in the company and how it relates to the individual needs of employees, which will allow for changes that will improve the functioning of your company as a working environment,
  •  Help you take care of employees’ development which will improve the company’s image and increase the interest in the company as an employer. This will allow for lowering employee turnover rate.

Our new aptitude tests for professionals, The Ontology of Value® (full name: The Ontology of Value®: Discovering Your Source of Value for the Society & Working Environments That Naturally Fit You), is a tool created by combining Alfred Adler’s theory of human motivation, psychometric techniques, and machine learning.

The output from this test is a cheat sheet that shows the competitive advantage of the participants. Namely, it shows in which roles an employee will create the highest value in their working environment, taking into account their personality, natural working style, and values.

Ontology Of Value Figure1-e1626099259690 Aptitude Tests For Professionals
Figure 1 The circulation of value (and money) in the society. In the job market, value flows like a river. Value always comes first; money follows. Therefore, to thrive in the job market, one needs to learn their potential as a value builder – and discover in which roles and positions one can best use this potential.
Ref: The Ontology of Value: Discovering Your Source of Value for the Society & Working Environments That Naturally fit you You (ODYSSEY). ISBN: 9789083057934.

The Ontology of Value® Test Was:

  • Developed with the roots of human motivation in mind, and with deep understanding that people differ in their natural ways of building value and impact,
  • Tailored for white-collar professionals who aim to build fulfilling careers in today’s job market,
  • Constructed in a way that pushes you to think about your values and make important choices,
  • Initiated by two years of field research, powered by psychometrics and machine learning,
  • Validated on a large group of professionals representing all industries and 14 countries.