Day: December 18, 2023

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Why Cost-Cutting Doesn’t Have To Affect Business Operations

We tend to think of business cost cutting as an unfortunate procedure, with its most symbolic expressions defined by layoffs, store closures, and even selling off assets. Yet that’s hardly the full picture of what cost cutting is and all it entails. Cost cutting can be quite a yawn-inducing exercise if tracked to every degree because it can show up in almost all business decisions.

Ontology Of Value Deconstructing-Burnout-Preventing-Diagnosing-and-Healing-2 Deconstructing Burnout: Preventing, Diagnosing, and Healing All Posts Self-Care & Mental Health Self-management Tools and Strategies  productivity mental health career development

Deconstructing Burnout: Preventing, Diagnosing, and Healing

Burnout: one of the major societal problems in today’s job market. Millions of professionals live in this vicious cycle: they come to a new job with full determination to perform and excel. Burnout is a “normal anomaly” of sorts; most professionals go through burnout at some point in their careers. You have to get through the process to learn your limits and self-regulate better. So, burnout can crush your career or help you, depending if you can learn from this experience. In this article, we disambiguate what burnout is and what it isn’t. What are the typical causes, symptoms, and phases of a burnout episode? Can you prevent burnout, or recognize it early enough to reverse the process?

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