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Is Your Enterprise Spinning Its Promotional Wheels?

There’s a lot of marketing noise out there. So much so that not every single marketing campaign that crosses your eyes and ears will be successful, or appeal to enough people in order to make that investment worth it. It’s important to remember, after all, that business life is a competition from top to bottom. If you run a company yourself, you likely won’t need to be taught that. You know it already and are repeatedly reminded of just how many other businesses would like to take your market share. However, this point emphasizes that in modern business, there’s no room for dead weight, nor for spinning your wheels. This applies to marketing as sharply as any other consideration worth focusing on. However, as marketing can quite literally define the audience who eventually keeps your light on, it’s important to make sure you approach it correctly. In this article, we’ll discuss three mistakes you could be making that are effectively causing you to “spin your promotional wheels.”