Day: December 19, 2022

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3 New Metaverse Trends

As more and more sectors undergo rapid digitalization and experiment with tech, the birth of the Metaverse came at the best time possible and subsequently inspired new investments. The Metaverse’s influence on the tech industry is far reaching. In a relatively short timespan, the development of the Metaverse space prompted innovative changes for numerous industries, including that of retail and real estate, and has likewise changed how recruitment processes are being conducted. In this article, we briefly review three of the most notable Metaverse trends for this incoming year.

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Top 13 Master Programs of the Future

Let’s be real — the job market is currently developing faster than we, as professionals, can follow, skill-wise. In this situation, many high-school students wonder: does it pay off to study in the first place? And if to study, what to choose and what are the jobs of the future? How to make sure that the skills acquired during studies will pay off later on, regardless of the direction in which the job market will develop?